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Getting a tax certificate

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​It is important you receive a correct Section 18A tax certificate from us.

To make this happen, we need you to do two things every time you give to UJ:

Show us what you're giving to

Each time you use an EFT or your credit card to give, you need to type in the project reference provided by UJ.

Without the correct reference, the University will unfortunately not be able to allocate your gift to where you want it to go. We won’t be able to distinguish it from the thousands of other transactions on our bank account. In that case, the funds would unfortunately have to be retained in a holding account.

Tell us to whom the Tax Certificate should be issued

For EFT and Credit Card gifts, we need full details of whom the Section 18A Tax Certificate should be issued to.

Please download the Tax Certificate Info form, print it, fill it in, scan it and email it to

To download the form, follow this link.

Issuing of tax certificates

We issue Section 18A Tax Certificates throughout the year. Provided we have all the information required for the certificate, we aim to issue the certificate via email within 2 weeks of receiving the gift in our bank account.

Ways of giving

You can give using an EFT or credit card.

For an overview on these, follow this link​​​