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Name:  Samkelo Radebe
Topic: Transformation of the South African: Personal Story
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Name: Alex Shahim
Topic: Personal Branding, Marketing, Social Media, Media, Unlocking potential and career management
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Name: Anne Vermaak
Topic: Gymnastics South Africa – the journey of a National Federation

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Name: Brenda Matafwali Chipande
Topic: How it Happens: Understanding sexual harassment and abuse in a Zambian sporting context

Name: C. JONES

Topic:  Transformation of the South African : Personal Story

Name: Debbie Wade

Topic: The Gold standard of child protection in sport from a survivors lived experience

Name: Dr Amanda Claassen Smitheres

Topic:  How do we safeguard school children in the current "Dopogenic" environment?

Name: Dr Jason Tee

Topic:  Agile approaches to training prescription: Using monitoring data to optimise load

Name: Dr Kirsten van Heerden

Topic: The Athlete as a well-rounded Human, re-integration after sport

Name:  Gerhard Olivier

Topic:  The implementation of a well-being programme in a Professional Environment

Name: Ian Braid

Topic:  Who is looking after the people looking after the people?

Name: LJ van Zyl

Topic:  Transformation of the South African athlete:  Personal Story

Name: Luke Lamprecht

Topic: Bullying:  The Minimum standard obligations of those who work with children within the child protection legislative matrix

Name:  OB Molopyane

Topic:  Athlete monitoring and load management

Name: Olivia Jesriel

Topic:  Story of Abuse

Name:  Phil Doorgachurn (AUST)

Topic: How to develop a safeguarding framework for your sporting organisation ensuring athletes are kept at the centre.

Name:  Cora Burnett

Topic:  Preliminary reflections from an anti-doping education multi-country project

Name: Wafeekah Begg-Jassiem

Topic:  The role of Anti-Doping in safeguarding athletes

Name: Taren Naidoo

Keynote Panelist:  Olympic Experience

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Name: Dr Crosby Mulungwa

Keynote Panelist: Olympic Experience

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Name: Jason van Rooyen

Keynote Panelist: Olympic Experience

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Name:  Kristen Paton

Keynote Panelist: Olympic Experience

Moloko Iah Mehlape cropped.jpg

Name: Moloko Riah Mehlape

Topic:  Nutrition in Sport

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Name:  Dr Thulani Ngwenya

Topic: Athlete post COVID-19 Screening