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4ir-workforce.jpgCompanies can support our students by giving towards different types of bursaries

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  • UJ Talent Pipeline Scholarship Programme for 4IR ready graduates.

Talent ready for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

UJ is currently at the forefront of technology innovation and the Fourth Industrial Revolution in South Africa. Through our collaboration with companies and industry bodies, we support the knowledge transfer of Fourth industrial elements to a wide range of sectors.

UJ combines its research, teaching and learning expertise to ensure that your sector attracts young talent that espouses the skills needed to succeed in the current industrial revolution. Furthermore, through designing pragmatic relevant Short Learning Programmes (SLPs) with industry partners, organisations or industry bodies, we can ensure that the current workforce is upskilled to thrive in the new world of work.

Benefits of UJ Talent pipeline scholarship programme:

By investing in our student and emerging industry talent through the UJ talent pipeline scholarship programme, you have access to the future graduates who will be able to bring fourth industrial skills to your workforce. We encourage that students are selected for this programme through an informative recruitment process, with the help of your company's HR division and psychometric testing, and to be groomed from their second year over the next three years(supporting the students from second year to complete a four -year degree or a three-year degree plus one-year honours degree). Only the students, as per your criteria, will qualify for this scholarship.

Short Learning Programmes for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Technology is rapidly changing our economic cultural and social realities, and the need to upskill the current generation and workforce for the Fourth Industrial Revolution remains a pressing issue for both industry and UJ.

It is critical to ensure that the South African workforce, whether from the newer more tech savvy generation or older generation, has the ability and opportunity to continually learn and adapt so that they can apply new technologies in their industry sector and organisations.

Due to the impending technological changes across sectors, UJ develops Short Learning Programmes (SLPs) aimed at specific industries to allow professionals and employees to embrace new technology in their industry.

Offered online or in a blended format, these SLPs are geared to teach new technologies in a way that is both engaging and manageable for busy executives, professionals and employees. UJ has already embarked on developing SLPs with the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA) for the accounting profession and with the Media, Information and Communication (MICT) Seta, and more programmes are currently being developed to serve various industries.

By investing in the development of SLPs for your industry, you will be able to take the lead in skills development in your sector while ensuring that your workforce is future fit.

Applied Research Chairs and projects include partnerships with:

FoodBev – Business Process Research and Positioning the Seta in 4IR

Nedbank –Financial Engineering in 4IR

Standard Bank Project – Robotics and Coding for Early Childhood Development

VC Scholarship Fund

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Ms Cagney Govender 

Ms Daphney Nemakhavhani