About 4IR

The institution is taking the lead across Africa in 4th Industrial Revolution. Thinking. Reimagining the future for all disciplines.

4IR is the next wave of industrialisation that we need to understand and shape in order to build the future this country – and the African continent – so richly deserve.
4IR is not just about robotics and automation; it is about the advancement of society to empower people and uplift generations!

As the world moves forward into the 4th industrial revolution, so does UJ with “Education 4IR” – bringing 4IR thinking and technology into the curriculum across different courses and using innovative blended-learning technologies. This means that UJ graduates are better prepared to embrace the future of business and industry as AI and 4IR play a bigger part in the way we live and work.

As the University of Johannesburg it is our duty to embrace and navigate the future leaders of our country proudly and boldly through the unimagined complexities of 4IR so that they may take full advantage and deliver a better tomorrow. To do this; there are two critical two parts of the equation we have to be focused on.