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Marketing and Brand Management

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The goal of the Marketing and Brand Management team at UJ is to strategically position the University in the minds of its target audiences and create continuous brand awareness. This is done through strategic marketing and awareness campaigns, as well as a range of high-profile corporate events.  

The overarching objectives are to continually build the UJ brand internally and externally and to maintain corporate identity across the institution.

Staff in this section work on a range of marketing functions including:

  • Management of the UJ brand to ensure that its essence is always maintained and protected
  • Corporate strategic marketing and awareness-raising campaigns, both internally and externally focused
  • Market research to inform marketing strategies and evaluation of existing campaigns and activities
  • Production of specific marketing material and promotional items for campaigns
  • Coordination of all UJ advertising – corporate and faculty (excluding Human Resources advertising)
  • Assisting faculties/divisions in compiling effective advertising strategies
  • Advice to faculties/divisions on promotional opportunities for courses, events and activities
  • Corporate Identity management and control to ensure that the UJ logo is used correctly and that all material bearing the logo adheres to the institution’s corporate identity standards. The standards are contained in the CI manual  and controlled by the Brand Policy
  • Providing logo and stationery usage advice and approvals. Templates for basic stationery needs are contained on the intranet
  • Organisation of all large UJ corporate and VC events
  • Organisation of corporate public lectures / debates as part of the Public Deliberation Forum
  • Advice to UJ staff regarding the organisation of events

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Senior Manager: 
Lesmarie Bentley-Steyn
Contact: +27 11 559 6660