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Psychometric Assessments

Psychometric Assessments

The Assessment Team strives to understand clearly the needs of their respective clients, while working diligently to exceed those needs. It is a multi-faceted team servicing a broad client base, with clients ranging from infancy to adulthood. 

We offer in-house Assessment Services to the University of Johannesburg staff and students as well as to the greater South African public. Through the use of valid, reliable methods and psychologically grounded, scientifically sound assessment tools, we provide assessment services in a broad range of assessment areas, at an individual as well as organisational level. 

We aim to provide innovative, comprehensive, unbiased and affordable assessment options, with due consideration of South Africa’s rich and diverse population. We further pride ourselves in the unparalleled and comprehensive practical training afforded to Student Psychometrists completing their Practicum at PsyCaD.

PsyCaD has a  close partnership with and is a service provider to the Industrial Psychology and Peoples Management (IPPM) at the University of Johannesburg. However, with regards to the Psychometric Practicum please enquire directly to Mr Stephan Ferreira at: or alternatively contact him on 011 559 1221.