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PsyCaD Workshops


PsyCaD Workshops

PsyCaD offers interactive career and psychological workshops that are facilitated by PsyCaD staff members. The workshops are based on a variety of topics that are relevant to staff and students, as well as the broader community, and are delivered as requested by students, staff, faculties or relevant stakeholders in the community.


Career Workshops


Career WorkshopsPsychological Services

Academically Focused WorkshopsPsychologically Focused Workshops
Conflict ManagementAdjusting to University Bereavement
Effective MeetingsAdjustment to University for International Students Coping with Stress and Anxiety 
Highly Effective LeadershipBouncing Back and Staying MotivatedVoluntary Counselling and Testing 
Managing Yourself, Your Career and BossBurnoutStudent Risky Behaviour
Preparing for the World of Work Preventing Drop Out Depression 
Public Speaking and Presentation SkillsStudent Risky Behaviour
Caring for People in Crisis 
Teamwork at Work
 Bouncing Back and Staying Motivated Emotional Intelligence 
Workplace Etiquette

Stress and Emotional Intelligence 
Changing the World of Work

Effective Communication

First Aid for Suicidal Thoughts and Behaviours
​Effective Marketing and Presentation​Burnout
You and Your Career

Stress Management
Job Search
Disability Sensitivity
Time Management in the Workplace

Diversity for Students
Customer Relations in the Workplace

Sexual Harassment
Effective Communication in the Workplace

Sexual Harassment in the South African Context
Effective Leadership and Energy Management for the Workplace

HIV Counselling and Testing for Tertiary Education UJ
Enrolment Centre- Customer Care

 24 Hour Crisis Line Training 
Personal Mission Statement
 School Readiness: A Guide For Parents and Teachers
Call Centre Training and Customer Service

Sexual Orientation Ally Program: Coming Out 
CV writing and Cover Letters 

Psycho-Legal Workshop
Interview Skills 

HIV Voluntary Counselling and Testing
Narrative Career Counselling

 Termination of Pregnancy