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First Year Seminar

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The First Year Seminar 2018 (30 January to 02 February)

The University of Johannesburg would like to welcome all its new first year undergraduate students!

​An informative and compulsory First Year Seminar programme has been arranged for all our first years. This includes academic orientation to the Faculty, the Department and the specific programmes for which students have been accepted. Students will meet their lecturers, receive their timetables and get to know their fellow students and the campus they will be studying on.

The First Year Seminar programmes are available from this website. U​nder 'Faculty Programmes' at the bottom of this page​, click on your Faculty​​ for the Faculty-specific programme, dates and venues.
The first year seminar programmes will be available on this website from the week of 15 January 2018

The First Year Seminar is also when students will be introduced to the wide range of academic development and support services the University offers – the Library and Information Centres, Writing Centres, the Computer Facilities, Psychological Counselling and Career Development and the Career Resource Centres. These services are free and aim at enabling our students to achieve success in their studies. Watch all the videos here.Students will also learn about the dedicated team looking after their safety and about the services available to them via the Health Clinics situated on each campus. Please click on for more information and introductory orientation videos.


Enjoy your studies at UJ!​​​​​​


The UJ Disability Unit:

Saturday 24th February from 8am – 2pm at the B5 Open Space, B5 Building, APK. The orientation is for all first year and first entering Postgraduate students.

The UJ Disability Unit provides academic, technological and psycho-social support to students with disabilities on all four UJ campuses: ​(011) 559 2163

International Students:

For more information on welcome of international students: (011) 559 2303

Lecturers commences: 05 February 2018