Extended Programmes 

The Academic Development Centre: Access manages the initial year(s) of 15 extended national diploma groups on behalf of the Faculties of Management, Humanities, and Engineering and the Built Environment. These extended diplomas are fully credit-bearing and are based either on a 1 + 3 model in which all foundational provision modules are offered in the first year, or a 2 + 2 model where they are offered in the first and second year. The learning approaches used in the extended diplomas focus on students' conceptual understanding and practical application of knowledge. 

These approaches are based on a wide range of innovative teaching/learning methods, materials and experiences. Student learning is also enhanced by effective mentorship, tutoring, an academic advisor programme, and regular mark review meetings; and by initiatives that promote student confidence and integration: public lectures, a student conference, a students' sports day, a prize-giving function, and a highly functional student mentor, academic advisor and class representative system. 

The success of this methodology depends on strong collaborative relationships with academic staff from the faculties in which the various programmes are located.  It is through these programmes that socio-economically and educationally disadvantaged students are provided with access to higher education. 

Extended diploma programmes are offered in: Public Relations and Communication; Logistics; Transportation Management; Small Business Management; Human Resources Management; Management; Industrial Engineering I; Industrial Engineering II; Mechanical Engineering; Civil Engineering; Electrical Engineering; Engineering Metallurgy; Building; Operations Management; and Management Services. 

You are welcome to contact us at:
Academic Development Centre:  Access, Doornfontein Campus
011 559 6020 

Faculties present the extended degree programmes, with the Academic Development Centre's Learning Development unit offering a credit bearing module within the extended degree in two faculties, namely: Faculty of Economic and Financial Science (FEFS) and Faculty of Humanities.

The title of the module is: Mastering Academic and Professional Skills (MAPS). It is designed to assist students with the academic transition into higher education as well as to equip students with basic skills for entering the professional environment.

Students on the program attend formal lectures, computer training sessions and mentoring sessions. Trained mentors assist with the application of skills and provide general support and guidance.