Professional Academic Staff Development (PASD) Professional Academic Staff Development (PASD)

Professional Academic Staff Development (PASD)

​​​​​​About PASD

​The University of Johannesburg prides itself on creating conditions that enable students who enter the university, to succeed. Key to student success is the way in which learning is facilitated. Scott, Yeld and Henry (2007: viii) argue that in order to increase student chances of success, there is a need to build ‘educational expertise in the sector to enable the development and implementation of teaching approaches that will be effective in catering for student diversity’. In line with this, the university established Professional Academic Staff Development (PASD) to develop and support academics to advance student success through facilitating deep and meaningful learning experiences. With sufficient evidence in the literature acknowledging that many staff in higher education are discipline experts but do not necessarily have the requisite educational expertise in teaching and learning, PASD plays an essential role in supporting academic staff to become better teachers.  PASD creates an enabling environment for academic staff to take a more holistic view and interrogate their understanding of their disciplines, their curricula and related pedagogical practices in order to provide students with epistemological access to their disciplines. More broadly, PASD serves as springboard for collaborative engagement with academic staff so as to create opportunities for them to enhance their theoretical insights within the field of teaching and learning in higher education. This includes interrogating the specificities of teaching and learning in their disciplines, and acknowledging teaching and learning as a complex practice. Through this collaborative engagement, we wish to advance socially respo​nsive and engaged pedagogies in line with UJ’s 'Learning to be' be philosophy. 

PASD Services

As PASD we offer the following services: 

  • Academic preparation for new staff
  • Ongoing professional development for academic staff and tutors 
  • Discipline specific workshops on curriculum, teaching and learning and assessment   
  • Teaching, module and peer evaluations 
  • Individual mentoring​ or support for academic staff
  • Teaching and Learning conferences and seminars or pertinent topic 
  • Portfolio development for career and promotion purposes

Contact us

​​Kibbie Naidoo: 011 559 3357

Diana Tsotetsi: 011 559 4565

​Charlotte van der Merwe: 011 559 3669

Venessa-Jean Merckel: 011 559 3867

Bongani Mashaba: 011 559 2571​