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​Prof. Lyal White

​Prof. Lyal White
​College of Business and Economics
Johannesburg Business School
Senior Director: Johannesburg Business School (JBS)

Contact Details
JBS, 11th floor, Cnr Barry Hertzog and Empire Roads, Milpark
+2711 559 1775
JBS Tower

About Prof Lyal White

Prof. Lyal White is the founding Senior Director of the Johannesburg Business School (JBS), one of Africa's largest business schools with over 10,000 students and 100 full-time faculty, based at the University of Johannesburg, South Africa. With a Pan-African focus, the JBS drives business education with a purpose, striving for a sustained contextual impact. He is an Associate Professor in International Business with a focus on comparative political economy and strategy in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Prof. White is widely published in news media, academic journals and books, and a regular commentator in popular media. He has worked in a range of sectors covering themes from investment rationale, strategy, competitiveness and general management in new and complex markets to reform, growth and development in Africa and Latin America. He is also coordinating research and dialogue geared toward improving Africa's political and commercial relations with Latin America, and understanding the role of new commercial players in Africa and the world.

A key area of interest lies in understanding the exciting but complex environment of business, and what is required by firms and individuals to improve their competitive performance in new markets. Through the lens of institutions and how institutional evolution underpins economic performance, Prof. White developed the GIBS Dynamic Market Index (DMI), a bi-annual publication which measures and compares institutional progress and performance in markets across the globe. His research and writing  emphasises context-driven strategy, which is evident in the many academic and executive programmes he runs, not to mention his extensive advisory work around the world. Prof. White has vast experience in 'on-the-ground' research and advises on strategy, political economy, policy and general business practice in new markets – especially in Africa and Latin America. 

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