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Prof Sebastian Tappe

Prof Sebastian Tappe
Department of Geology
Associate Professor​

Contact Details
C1 Lab 419
+27 (0)11 559 4716

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Born on the Baltic Sea coast in Germany, Sebastian studied geology at the Ernst-Moritz-Arndt University (M.Sc., 2001), followed by studies in petrology and isotope geochemistry at the Johannes-Gutenberg University in Mainz (Ph.D., 2005). After postdoctoral research at the Max-Planck Institute for Chemistry (Germany, 2006) and the University of Alberta (Canada, 2007-2008), he moved to Toronto to work for De Beers Canada Inc. as a Geosciences Specialist (2008-2009). Between 2009 and 2011, Sebastian was a Research Associate in the Radiogenic Isotope Facility at the University of Alberta, where he managed a U-Pb clean-lab and mass spectrometer (TIMS). After an appointment as Assistant Professor (Akademischer Rat a.Z.) at the Westfälische Wilhelms University in Münster (Germany, 2011-2012), Sebastian moved to South Africa to re-join De Beers in the Johannesburg Headquarters in 2013. After spending over 2 years in global diamond exploration with De Beers as a Senior Specialist, Sebastian returned to academia in June 2015 as an Associate Professor in the Department of Geology, University of Johannesburg.

Sebastian’s research interests include melting processes within the Earth’s mantle, particularly the formation of alkaline and carbonate-rich magmas, and their roles within the geochemical cycle. Furthermore, he has conducted petrologic and isotope geochemical studies on mantle-derived xenoliths with the goal of better understanding the formation and fragmentation of cratonic lithosphere. Recent work has focused on isotopic analysis, including U-Pb perovskite geochronology, of kimberlites from North America, Brazil, Siberia, and Africa. These studies are conducted to develop models for the origin of diamond-bearing ultramafic magmas, and to better understand the geodynamic conditions under which they form. At the University of Johannesburg, this research direction will be complemented by a diverse range of projects designed to understand the formation and geologic distribution of critical raw materials with strong emphasis on commodities that are of strategic importance to the world economy with Africa as a major or emerging supplier.

Sebastian is a member of the Geochemical Society (ID 174372), the American Geophysical Union (ID 304236), the Geological Society of South Africa (ID 969285), and the South African Council for Natural Scientific Professions (ID 400174/13). He is an Associate Editor for Gondwana Research and Editorial Board Member for Nature Scientific Reports. Since 2013 he holds Honorary Researcher status at the School of Geosciences, University of the Witwatersrand.

Research Opportunity

I intend to attract interested students to work on the following subjects:

  • Nature and origin of global kimberlite magmatism (e.g., Africa, Asia, North America)
  • Kimberlite pipe emplacement models and micro-/macrodiamond relationships
  • Alkaline and carbonatite melt generation in “hot” Archean subduction zones
  • Mineralogy (in particular trace element compositions) of diamond-bearing lamproites
  • Depth(s) and tectonic setting(s) of Archean continental mantle lithosphere formation
  • Geochemistry of diamonds with implications for ancient and deep volatile cycles
  • Burial and unroofing histories of cratons and their mineral deposits by means of U-Th/He thermochronology
  • Petrology and isotope geochemistry of REE- and U-deposits
  • Development of innovative geochemical tools for mineral exploration


Recent publications
*denotes student paper

  • Tappe, S., Budde, G., Stracke, A., Wilson, A., Kleine, T., 2020. The tungsten-182 record of kimberlites above the African superplume: Exploring links to the core-mantle boundary. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 547, 116473.
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  • *Kumar, S.P., Shaikh, A.M., Patel, S.C., Sheikh, J.M., Behera, D., Pruseth, K.L., Ravi, S., Tappe, S., 2020. Multi-stage magmatic history of olivine–leucite lamproite dykes from Banganapalle, Dharwar craton, India: Evidence from compositional zoning of spinel. Mineralogy and Petrology.
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