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Dr Sarojini Naidoo

Dr Sarojini Naidoo
Department of Social Work
Senior Lecturer

Contact Details
C Ring 623
+27 (0) 11 559 4547

Dr Naidoo is a trained social worker and psychologist and joined the Department of Social Work at UJ in August 2018. She studied at the then University of Durban-Westville where she completed her degree in Social Work as well as Honours and Masters degrees in Psychology. Her PhD was completed at the University of KwaZulu-Natal and is in the area of suicidality. She has research interests in the areas of bullying, adult mental health and nonsuicidal self-injury, in addition to suicidality. Dr Naidoo teaches Advanced Group Work practice and Health, Illness and Psychosocial support at the third year level as well as Psychopathology on the Masters in Clinical Social Work program. Her teaching philosophy is one that emphasizes commitment from students and academics to focus on personal strengths and deliver excellence in all areas of learning.


Recent journal articles:

Naidoo, S. (2018). The nature, prevalence and functions of Non-Suicidal Self-Injury in a sample of youth. South African Journal of Education. Submitted.

Naidoo, S. (2018). Demographic and clinical predictors of the constructs of the Interpersonal-Psychological Theory of suicidal behaviorPsychology in Developing Societies. Submitted.

 Naidoo, S. & Collings, S. (2018). Testing the Interpersonal-Psychological theory of suicidal behavior in a sample of mental health outpatients. Suicide and life-threatening behavior. Accepted

Naidoo, S. & Collings, S. (2017). Incremental validity of the Death Inurement Scale. Social Behaviour and Personality, 45(11), 1933-1936.

 Naidoo, S. & Collings, S. (2017). Suicidal and death ideation in a cohort of psychiatric outpatients: Prevalence and risk factors. Psychology in Developing Societies, 29 (2), 288-300.

Kazi, T.B., & Naidoo, S (2016). Does religiosity mediate suicidal tendencies? A South African study of Muslim tertiary students. Journal of Religion and Health, 55, 1010-1023.

Patel, C., Naidoo, S. & Paruk, Z. (2013). Psychometric properties of the Religious Orientation Test (ROT) in a sample of South African Students. Journal of Psychology in Africa, 23(1), 145–148.


Conference presentations:

Naidoo, S & Collings, S.J. (2017). Testing the Interpersonal theory of suicidal behavior in a South African clinical sample. Paper presentation at the International conference for Academic disciplines: Vienna, Austria.

Naidoo, S. (2012). Hope and resilience in the time of economic crisis: Stories from South Africa. Paper presentation at the International Association for Feminist Economics conference. Hangzhou, China.

Naidoo, S. & Liversage, A (2009). Gender as a correlate of suicidal behaviour. Poster presentation at the Coping and Resilience International conference. Dubrovnik, Croatia.

Naidoo, S. & Dalasile, N.Q. (2007). Trainee and registered psychologists' perceptions of indigenous healing practices in South Africa. Paper presented at the International Conference on Psychology and Mental Health. Bangalore, India.