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Robyn Ormond

Robyn Ormond
Robyn Ormond
Department of Geology Postgraduate Students
MSc student

Contact Details
C1 Lab 436
+27 (0)11 559 4739

Project title:

Structural and geochronological constraints on the formation of the Johannesburg Dome



Dr Jérémie Lehmann


Research interests:

My current project is inherently a problem of structural geology, a field in which I am intrigued, entertained and constantly baffled. I am particularly interested in the formation of structural domes and although my current experience has been in low metamorphic grade terrains, I am hoping to get the opportunity to study structural domes and their mechanisms of formation in higher-grade regions. I enjoy combining the detailed study of structures in the field with microstructural observations and age determination techniques to investigate the structural evolution of deformed regions, essentially using an amalgamation of detailed data to unravel the 'big picture'.

Scientific outputs:

I have presented at the Igneous and Metamorphic Study Group 2017 and was awarded the best MSc student presentation.