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Prof Malose Makhubela

Prof Malose Makhubela
Department of Psychology
Associate Professor

Contact Details
C-Ring 422 APK
011 559 3248

​Malose Makhubela (PhD), is a practising clinical psychologist and an Associate Professor at the University of Johannesburg. He teaches psychology at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. His research areas include, Intelligence and its measurement in South Africa; psychological assessment (measurement and evaluation, construction, adaptation, norming and validation, cross-cultural compliance [bias, equivalence, measurement invariance], assessment standards and measurement practices in South Africa); personality processes, outcomes, clinical correlates and individual differences; psychopathology (theoretical, statistical and clinical comparisons of symptom network structures and factor models); Adverse childhood experiences and community environments, psychosocial and somatic conditions across the lifespan. Makhubela has published in both local and international journals. He has received awards for his research work (Faculty Researcher of the Year [Applied social science cluster], University of Pretoria [2016] and VC's Young Researcher Award nominee, University of Pretoria [2017]). Makhubela is currently an editorial board member of the African Journal of Psychological Assessment (AJOPA). 

Recent publications

Mashegoane S & Makhubela M.S. (2016). Factorial validity of the Death Obsession Scale in African university students. Death Studies, 40(1), 40-45.

Makhubela M.S & Mashegoane S. (2016). Validation of the BDI-II in South Africa: Factorial validity and longitudinal measurement invariance in university students. South Africa Journal of Psychology. DOI: 10.1177/0081246315611016.

Makhubela M.S (2016). Measurement invariance of the Beck Depression Inventory–second edition (BDI-II) across race with South African university students. South Africa Journal of Psychology. DOI: 10.1177/0081246316645045

Makhubela M.S & Debusho L. K.  (2016). Factorial invariance and latent mean differences of the Beck Depression Inventory-second edition (BDI-II) across gender in South African university students. Journal of Psychology in Africa. DOI: 10.1080/14330237.2016.1219555

Makhubela M.S. (2016). From psychology in Africa to African psychology: Going nowhere slowly. Psychology in Society (PINS), 52, 1-18.

Makhubela M. S & Mashegoane S. (2016). Assessing mental abilities: A critical view on historical and modern intelligence measures used in South Africa. In R. Ferreira (Ed.), Thinking innovatively about psychological assessment in a context of diversity (pp.107-121). Cape Town: Juta.