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Dr Adeline Ngie

Dr Adeline Ngie
Department of Geography Post-doctoral
Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Contact Details
D3 LAB 344C

Research interests

GIS and remote sensing application in vegetation,

Crop nutrient monitoring and modelling using multispectral

Hyperspectral and radar

Environmental Management. 



Ngie, A., F. Ahmed and S. Tesfamichael, (2018): Estimation of maize nitrate concentrations using spectroscopic data and statistical algorithms. Journal of Imaging (Accepted)

Ngie, A., F. Ahmed and S. Tesfamichael, (2017): Monitoring the impacts of El niño on the extent of cultivated fields using SAR data around the agricultural region of the Free State, South Africa. Proceedings from the 37th International Symposium of Remote Sensing on Environment – ISRSE37 8-12th May, 2017. 'Earth Observation for Development and Adaptation to a Changing World' . Archives of the ISPRS -XLII-3-W2-151-2017. DOI.10.5194/isprs-archives-XLII-3-W2-151-2017

Ngie, A. and F. Ahmed (2017): Estimation of maize grain yield using multispectral satellite data sets (SPOT 5) and the random forest algorithm. South Africa Journal of Geomatics (Accepted)

Ngie, A., F. Ahmed and K. Abutaleb, (2016): Assessing maize foliar water stress levels under field conditions using in-situ spectroscopy. Rwanda Journal, Series D, Volume 1, 2016, Life and Natural Sciences: Special issue II. 

Ngie, A., K. Abutaleb, F. Ahmed, O. J Taiwo, A. Darwish and M. Ahmed, (2016): An estimation of land surface temperature from Landsat ETM+ images for Durban, South Africa. Rwanda Journal, Series D, Volume 1, 2016, Life and Natural Sciences: Special issue II.

Abutaleb, K., A. Ngie, A. Darwish, M. Ahmed, S. Arafat and F. Ahmed, (2015): Assessment of Urban Heat Island using remotely sensed imagery over Greater Cairo, Egypt. Advances in Remote Sensing 4, 35-47.

Ngie, A., F. Ahmed and K. Abutaleb, (2014): Remote sensing potential for investigation of maize production: review of literature. South Africa Journal of Geomatics 3(2), 163-184.

Ngie, A., K. Abutaleb, F. Ahmed, A. Darwish and M. Ahmed, (2014): Assessment of Urban Heat Island using remotely sensed imagery:  A Review. South African Geographical Journal