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Invitation to comment on the revised Constitution of the Convocation.

The latest Institutional Statute for the University of Johannesburg was approved in 2017. The Constitution of the Convocation therefore needed to be aligned with the changes to the Institutional Statute.

The changes to the Constitution of Convocation include:

  1. Reduction of the number of members of Council from thirty to twenty-one and its resultant effect on the Executive of the Convocation;
  2. Improvement in governance of the Convocation;
  3. Broader participation by members of the Convocation through:
    1. Electronic participation in matters affecting alumni (e.g. voting), since many alumni are based overseas and are thus unable to express their opinion on matters affecting alumni;
    2. In addition, the quorum at Convocation is increased to 200 members so as to broaden the input from Convocation.

Council at its meeting of 14 June 2018 supported the revised Constitution of Convocation.


The following documents are of importance:

  1. Constitution based on the 2012 Institutional Statute
  2. Revised Constitution of Convocation aligned with the 2017 approved Institutional Statute

Members of the Convocation were invited to comment on the revised constitution by Tuesday 31 July 2018.