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Alumni impact groups being formed

A series of discussions is underway at the University to establish Impact Groups built around successful and influential alumni.

The initiative was launched with the formation of the Law Impact Group where a selection of influential lawyers and former judges met over a luncheon to discuss the Law Faculty’s progress and its most pressing needs.

The initiative was well received and individual members of the group are being contacted to see if and how they can assist the faculty.

Similar groups are being formed for Accounting and Financial Services and discussions are underway to establish a similar group for the Sciences. Other UJ faculties hopefully will follow as the programme rolls out this year.

The ultimate aim of these groups is to engage with key alumni and to mobilise them to provide support and expertise, and to ask them to open their networks in their areas of professional interest.

“Now that UJ is firmly established as a leading university, we believe it is time for our alumni to play a greater role in the life of the university,” says Karen Coetzee, Senior Manager of Development and Alumni Relations. “It is vital for the future sustainability of UJ that leading alumni play a role. UJ’s legacy institutions produced a great number of successful men and women and we’re calling on them to recognise the role UJ and its legacy institutions played in their success and to help us prepare the next generation of leadership in their respective fields.”