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Focus Areas

​​UJ Affinity Group Programme​: This programme is based on areas of mutual interest such as sport or music, and groups involved in specialist disciplines like mining or accounting. The development, facilitation and expansion of the affinity groups are strong priorities. 

Top VIP Programme: It involves the engageme​nt of high-profile alumni through events and peer-to-peer engagement. This drive should play a pivotal role in obtaining support from the University’s alumni for the development of the institution.

UJ Goodwill Ambassador Programme: Volunteer services and support from prominent alumni are enlisted to advance the University’s strategic goals and those of its alumni. Click here to read more on our Goodwill Ambassadors.

Current Student Alumni Programmes: These programmes (current Student Alumni & current Residence Student Alumni, Student Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Mentorship & Career Development) invests in young future alumni to capture interest and cultivate loyalty towards the institution while students are still studying. Initiatives such as the Career Day Outings, Career Nights, Workplace Forums and UJ Alumni Idols to name a few, provide a positive student experience and opportunities for student empowerment in various areas.  UJ Alumni offers a variety of educational support and skill-building programmes to help current and postgraduate students address the unique challenges and issues they face in life.  Support resources include a job search facility, mentors from UJ alumni, support from our UJ alumni and UJ Goodwill Ambassadors through Career Nights and Workplace Forums.
Staff Alumni Programme​: Staff alumni are engaged through events and affinity groups to encourage them to be part of UJ’s vision for the future.

UJ Regional & International Programme​​: This involves the building of regional chapters and forums for UJ alumni in the provinces of South Africa, SADC countries and internationally. Here UJ alumni will develop mutual interest-specific programmes. They will also participate in programmes supporting the development of UJ.​

Membership: The ultimate goal is to support the advancement of UJ through an active and vibrant alumni programme that plays a significant role in building internal and external relationships.  There is currently 3 types of membership: Paying alumni membership with special added benefits, Non-paying alumni membership and current student membership.

Marketing & Communication: The Alumni Office’s efforts provide a framework for delivering consistent, easily accessible and timely information that enhances and improves the University’s brand image. Our goal is to strengthen relationships with our alumni, students and their families, UJ’s faculty and staff, local communities and benefactors.

Database Management: Our goal is to have applications that interact with our UJ alumni, other applications, and the database itself to capture and analyse data. We are enhancing our database management system to allow the definition, creation, querying, update, and administration of databases more effectively.

Events: Alumni events are a great way for you to keep your social and professional connections with other alumni and the University strong.  We offer a wide range of opportunities to socialize and network. Whether your interests are intellectual, social, or professional, we have an event for you.  Check out our Events Calendar to see the things that we’ve got planned.

Placement: The UJ Alumni Network created a job search portal to assist alumni members and UJ students looking for career opportunities. The system constantly scans all South African job websites to allow you to find new opportunities.