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​​​PPS supports up and coming young professionals through their partnership with UJ​

Thanks to the sponsorship from PPS, many students received a boost in their higher education at UJ. This partnership has been rewarding not only in the sphere of bursary sponsorship, but also in the funding of events that reach both pre-alumni and alumni, and creating an inviting space for postgraduate students. 

One such event was a partnership with UJ's Centre for Social Entrepreneurship and Social Economy (CSESE) to debut their new ambassador, Miss South Africa Second Princess and UJ alumna Ntsiki Mkhize. The CSESE supports and mentors businesses which have social purpose at their heart and which achieve social, cultural, community, economic or environmental outcomes in addition to making a profit. Given the massive investment into CSI projects being made by multinational corporations across the world, social entrepreneurship is arguably the future of all business, especially in developing countries like South Africa.​

The Professional Provident Society (PPS) is committed to supporting institutions of higher learning, as it is through these institutions that the future professionals of the country are nurtured. Thus it has contributed towards several bursaries and prize sponsorships for UJ students studying Marketing Management, Finance and Investments and other related subjects. They also allocated R300 000 towards the refurbishment of the UJ Postgraduate Centre in 2015, aiming to create a welcoming space where postgraduate students can study, relax and interact with the PPS brand.