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​​Help UJ bring safe drinking water to the millions at risk​

One of the greatest challenges facing our country, and indeed many places all over the world, is access to clean water. The UJ Water and Health Research Centre has developed a unique low-cost solution – and, with your help, this and other life-giving research can continue to benefit the people whose need is greatest.

ARTICLE 7.jpgWhat is this solution? UJ's water researchers have developed a water bottle which enables anyone to treat available water from streams and dams to safe drinking standards. This has the potential to change millions of people's lives. A large number of South Africa's rural communities and informal settlements are located near industrial areas. In most instances, the water to which the communities have access is heavily contaminated, resulting in water-borne diseases such as diarrhoea and cholera being widespread. Simply by using this water bottle, the prevalence of these and other diseases can become a thing of the past.

This is not all that the UJ Water and Health Research Centre has achieved. The Centre is based within the Department of Applied Chemistry, Faculty of Science, and focuses on removing organic pollutants from water. They are developing sustainable water solutions suitable for rural schools, among other projects. For example, the same group of researchers have also developed much faster and more accurate tests for diarrhoea-inducing E. coli bacteria in drinking water, reducing time for advanced results by days. This will mean that action can be taken to prevent new infections much more quickly and accurately.

Find out more about the UJ Water and Health Research Centre's life-saving work here.​

You can help support this life-giving research by contributing via EFT or credit card. Any contribution, whether it be R50 or R500, makes a difference in developing better, more economical ways of providing safe drinking water in rural South Africa and the African continent.


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