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2017 Graduations

We invite you to officially join the UJ Alumni Network. As a UJ Alumni Network member, you will be receive a host of benefits, such as access to all UJ Campuses, discounts on you postgraduate studies and the library so that you can continue your pursuit of knowledge. You will also be invited to attend curated alumni events where you can engage in interesting topics, networking opportunities and rub shoulders with fellow alumni members and captains of industry from various sectors.

Membership costs just R220 for 12 months and includes a UJ access card and all benefits. Click here to see the full list of UJ Alumni Network Benefits. Joining is easy, you can sign up for membership by filling in a simple online form, click here to complete the membership form. All 2017 graduates who sign up to the UJ Alumni Network will receive a joining gift. To receive your gift, bring us proof of payment to the auditorium foyer during graduation days from 9:00 – 16:00.

We look forward to joining you on your journey to future success as a UJ alumni member. Your contribution is valuable to those who will be coming after you.