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Institutional Transformation Statement 

Transformation is woven into the social, intellectual and structural fabric of the University of Johannesburg. It owes its existence to the agenda of the national government to achieve transformation of higher education in South Africa.  Its character and identity reflect the vibrancy and the social, ethnic and class diversity of the Johannesburg metropolis, and its students and employees are as diverse as the society it serves. 

The University recognises both the internal and external challenges that this diversity creates, but also the many opportunities that it presents in establishing and sustaining a process of transformation that will result in positive social change and the full embodiment of the democratic values of the Constitution. 

The Council, Management and Senate of the University have pursued a transformation agenda since its inception and continue to do so. The University leadership, as the most important component of an institutional culture, is committed to leading the transformation process within the University and thereby contributing to the creation of future leaders for a diverse and democratic society.  

Effective transformational leadership is essential in managing transformation successfully at UJ. Creativity and innovation are best nurtured within the institution when people from diverse cultures, perceptions, convictions and opinions meet in a spirit of mutual understanding and trust. The result is the unleashing of the potential inherent in the very diversity of its student, academic and administrative profile to achieve sustained excellence in the execution of its core functions. 

The University proclaims itself to be "liberal, progressive, transformative and assertive of academic freedom in the values it espouses". Transformation at UJ is an ongoing, dynamic and qualitative process to enhance the development of knowledge in an environment that recognises diverse lived experiences for social responsibility." 

"Transformation at UJ is an ongoing, dynamic and qualitative process to enhance the development of knowledge in an environment that recognises diverse lived experiences for social responsibility."

UJ Transformation Division 

What is our purpose?

The purpose is to lead and coordinate institutional transformation processes and related initiatives that contribute towards the creation of a unique culture in support of the UJ Vision, Strategic Objectives and the enhancement of Global Excellence and Stature.

Our Vision

An inclusive, diverse and enabling culture that embraces change and reflects the UJ values.

Our Mission

We are committed to promoting the transformation agenda of the University of Johannesburg by endorsing and fostering multiple values, beliefs, intellectual and cultural viewpoints through: 

  • Cultivating a culture that promotes openness, transparency and honesty 
  • Promoting equality of opportunity and respect for human dignity
  • Adhering to the principles of social justice and inclusion
  • Encouraging and promoting diversity through the way we do business
  • Empowering our people to reach their full potential 

Strategic Objectives

  • Facilitate the implementation of the Institutional Transformation Plan, which is aligned to the UJ Strategic Objective 2025.
  • Navigate Cultural Transformation that is inclusive and that adheres to the principles of human rights, and where people from all over the world from diverse cultures, perceptions, convictions and opinions interact in a spirit of mutual understanding and trust.
  • Create an enabling leadership culture that creates a shared direction, shared values and alignment and commitment to transform the institutional culture that will support global excellence and stature (GES).
  • Advance the transformation agenda in all UJ environments through creating awareness and playing an advocacy role.
  • Support DHET and USAf projects and significant days/events to promote social cohesion and inclusion and promote human rights.

Where are we located?

We are located on the APK Campus in the Ga Bhato (B5) Building in Room 154.