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Corporate Governance

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About Corporate Governance

The Corporate Governance Office functions within the broader University context and aligns its service delivery with the legislative framework of the Republic of South Africa, the Higher Education Act 101 of 1997 (as amended), the Institutional Statute of the University of Johannesburg and the vision, mission, values and goals of the University. 

The University of Johannesburg takes very seriously its obligation, as a publicly-funded institution, to exercise good corporate governance in respect of all of its activities.

In order to provide an appropriate framework for and evidence of the application of good corporate governance, the Management Executive Committee places an obligation on the Registrar to ensure that each decision-making structure in the institution functions in accordance with a Charter that defines its composition, its functions, its accountability, its reporting lines, its operations and its operational governance principles. Such Charters are approved by Senate and by Council and, in appropriate cases, by the Management Executive Committee.

Each chartered decision-making body also operates within a policy framework that has been approved by Senate and/or Council and/or the Management Executive Committee. Such policies typically describe the strategic objectives that the institution seeks to accomplish within a particular domain, the underlying principles that govern the pursuit of such objectives and the criteria by means of which the achievement of such objectives can be measured. There are many Policies in the institution covering a range of institutional activities.

The units within the Corporate Governance Office include

  • Access to Information (POPI and PAIA)
  • Contract Management
  • Executive Events Management
  • Records Management (paper and electronic)
  • UJ Graphic Studio
  • Qualification Verification (Qualification Verification/Transcript Supplement/Academic Records)


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