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Compliance and Qualification Verification​

UJ is aware of that more and more of our alumni are now entering the job market.  Part of the recruitment process involves the prospective employers verifying the qualifications obtained by a candidate or requesting official documents relating to academic content or results obtained per module completed towards a qualification. In line with this growing demand, the Qualification Verification Team within Corporate Governance has been mandated by the University Registrar to assist and guide alumni as well as current UJ students with the following:

  • Online third party verification of UJ qualification/s
  • The ordering of a Transcript Supplement
  • The ordering of an Academic Record
  • The ordering of letters (Medium of Instruction or any other special letters)


Online Verification of UJ Qualification

To ensure simple and instantaneous access to such records, UJ has created a platform which affords access by a third party to an alumni's qualification details. The alumnus is required to access the link below, register and then grant the desired third party access.

Should you experience any problem in registering on this platform, kindly email


Ordering of Transcript Supplement/Academic Record/Special Letter

Students can now order the following documents:

  1. Transcript Supplement (a document that provides a descriptive narrative of the academic content of each module/s completed per qualification
  2. Academic Record (a document that acts as a statement of results, which shows modules completed with relevant outcomes/marks or not completed
  3. Special Letters (Medium of Instruction or any other letter required)

Order including a Certificate

If your order includes any or all of the above as listed in 1,2 and 3 and a Certificate

Use this Link:


Order excluding a Certificate

If your order includes any or all of the above listed as 1, 2 and 3 but excludes a Certificate.

Use this link :

If you are experiencing problem with the platform, send an email to the following address for assistance, with the subject line reading (Assistance with Hive Platform): Email :

Each document has its own unique timeframe and it must be noted that if you order a combination of documents, the turnaround time for the completed package defaults tot eh document that has the longest timeframe. An order is processed as per the documents ordered and is also released by Corporate Governance as a package. Requests for the order to be sent as uncollated (single documents sent and not as a whole package) will result in the client having to arrange and pay for additional courier costs. 






Document TypeTurnaround Time
Academic Record

A minimum of three working days from the date the payment for the order has been verified

Academic records that have to be manually generated by a Faculty could take a minimum of 10 working days.

Transcript SupplementA minimum of 20 working days from the date the payment for the order has been verified
Special LetterA minimum of three working days from the date the payment for the order has been verified


Please note that the Transcript Supplement is a document sourced from the Faculty/ Faculties at which the qualification resided. The collation of this information especially for historic records may take a longer timeframe or may not be possible to generate.  In cases where there is an envisaged time delay, the client will be notified and where there are no records that can be produced, the client will be advised and reimbursed accordingly.


Qualification Verification Unit Contact Details:

NameDesignationPortfolioContact Detail
Vanishree PillaySenior Manager


Suzan Hlahane Coordinator II – Qualification Verification Transcript Supplementsuzanm@uj,
Chane Van NiekerkAdministrative Officer I – Qualification Verification Academic Records/Special
Masegou Mathe Administrative Assistant


General Enquiries (Assistance with order platform etc.)