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2016 Diversity Week

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2016 Diversity Week

 In celebrating the Heritage month, the 4 campuses of UJ reverberated with lively activities during the Diversity Week which was held on 12-16 September 2016. Each campus was allocated a day to celebrate diversity. The allocation of days was as follows:

DFC campus- 14 September 2016

SWC campus- 15 September 2016

APB & APK campuses- 16 September 2016.

In addition to celebrating the uniqueness of each UJ campus, the diversity week festivities were also we dedicated to embracing the warmth of our unity, diverse cultures and backgrounds from all walks of life preserved in our University values; Imagination, Ethical Foundation, Regeneration and Conversation. Diversity Week weaves these values together, guiding our journey in creating a University of choice, anchored in Africa, dynamically shaping the Future.