​​​​About Us

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The Management Executive Committee approved the establishment of aTransformation Unit and a MEC Transformation Committee for UJ in 2010. The Committee functions in accordance with a Charter (approved on 22 February 2011). The purpose of the Committee, which is a subcommittee of the Management Executive Committee, is to assist the Management Executive Committee with planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluating the transformation agenda of UJ. Its composition and functions are stipulated in the UJ Transformation Charter.

The Transformation Unit implements the strategic directives of the MEC

  • It coordinates and supports institutional activities in a manner that enhances the institutional transformation agenda and builds the capacity of line managers to lead change in the institution, to manage and promote diversity and to achieve optimal cultural integration.
  • It design and manages internal processes and transformational change initiatives and interventions in the university that will contribute to creating an institutional culture of diversity, equity and global excellence and stature in UJ.
  • It assumes an advocacy role in respect of the transformational imperatives of the institution and monitors compliance with such imperatives.
  • It manages specific transformational projects assigned to it by the MEC Transformation Committee and the Management Executive Committee (MEC).
  • It ensures, on behalf of the MEC Transformation Committee, that institutional transformation goals are aligned with the Higher Education Transformation agenda.


The purpose is to coordinate institutional transformation processes and related initiatives that contribute towards the creation of a unique culture in support of the UJ Vision, Strategic Objectives and the enhancement of Global Excellence and Stature.


An inclusive culture that embraces change and reflects the UJ Values


We are committed to promoting the transformation agenda of the University of Johannesburg by endorsing and fostering multiplicity of values, beliefs, intellectual and cultural viewpoints through:

  • Cultivating an open and transparent culture
  • Empowering our people to reach their full potential
  • Encouraging and promoting diversity through the way we do business
  • Adhere to the principles of social justice and inclusion
  • Promoting equality of opportunity and respect for human dignity

 Strategic Objectives

  • Facilitate the implementation of the Institutional Transformation Plan that is aligned to the UJ Strategic Objective 2025
  • Navigating Cultural Transformation that is inclusive where people from all over the world from diverse cultures, perceptions, convictions and opinions interact in a spirit of mutual understanding and trust.
  • Foster a Leadership Culture that creates a shared direction, shared values and alignment and commitment to transform the institutional culture that will support global excellence and stature (GES).
  • Advancing the transformation agenda in all UJ environments through creating awareness and playing an advocacy role
  • Support DHET and HESA project and significant days/events to promote social cohesion and inclusion and promote Human Rights.