From the VC's desk

From the VC's desk

Publishing Date: 5/19/2017 2:00 PM

Dear Staff and Students

Like you I am deeply concerned that we are now battling the scourge of a new upsurge of violence in our communities that affects in particular the safety and freedoms of our young women. As a result of this, many of our staff and students have felt unsafe walking outside of our campuses because of this criminal conduct. It has become even more difficult for women to walk or drive alone, more so in the early evenings. I would therefore wish to urge our staff, students, and visitors to be extremely vigilant when you are moving outside of our campuses. 

Please do not accept offers of lifts or any assistance from strangers, and please report any suspicious criminal behaviour to the UJ Protection Services on 011 559 6085 (DFC), 011 559 5555 (SWC), 011 559 2555 (APK), and 011 559 1312 (APB). I also encourage you to visit the Protection Services offices to familiarise yourselves with the external safety routes under our surveillance. Please also take note that our Protection Services officers provide exit group escorts for students who study at night in our libraries, and you should not hesitate to ask your safety officers about these security measures.