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Bachelor of Architecture (B8BA3Q)

Architectural professionals are involved in shaping the built environment. Their efforts

are evident everywhere, from the simple construction of a low-cost housing project to the

sophisticated erection of skyscrapers. Architectural professionals are employed in the design,

technological resolution and management of construction projects.

The Department of Architecture will offer the following programmes in 2018: Bachelor of Architecture, Diploma

in Architecture, Bachelor of Technology Degree in Architectural Technology (specialising in either Applied

Design or Architectural Management) and the Master’s of Technology Degree in Architectural Technology (Prof).

The Department’s offerings have unconditional validation from the Architectural Profession (SACAP) and the

Commonwealth Association for Architecture (CAA).

Career Opportunities

The architectural profession offers a wide range of specialisations, from management to technology and design.

Graduates will be able to register with the following professional bodies or institutes:

— South African Council for the Architectural Profession

— South African Institute for Architectural Technologists

— Some provincial Institutes of the SA Institute of Architects.

Admission Requirements

Bachelor of Architecture (B8BA3Q)

— Senior Certificate or equivalent qualification with a minimum APS or M-score (as below) and degree admission.

— Attendance of an entrance assessment and submission of a prescribed portfolio once the application form has

been processed.

— Completion of both National Benchmarking Tests (NBT): Academic and Quantitative Literacy (AQL) and


—Required school subjects: English and Mathematics (Mathematical Literacy is not accepted).

Recommended school subjects include Art, Technical Drawing and/or Physical Science.

Average Point Score (APS)

A minimum APS of


is required to apply for the programme. Mathematical Literacy is not accepted for this

programme. The Life Orientation score is divided by two when calculating the total APS.

BA Degree




Other requirements

Language of

teaching and

learning *

Other recognised

language **


with Mathematics

(Maths Literacy

not accepted)


(60 – 69%)


(50 – 59%)


(60 – 69%)

Psychometric test

and submission of a

specified portfolio

* English, Home Language or English First Additional Language / ** Home Language or English First Additional Language

For detailed information, refer to page 4 of this brochure.