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Research undertaken in VIAD is located within theoretical

frameworks that address identity construction and its

readings in contemporary and historical contexts, with

specific application visual practice, visual culture, visual

representation and trans-/inter- disciplinary theorisations

thereof. While emphasis is placed on the construction of

contemporary emergent and transforming South African

visual identities, this is considered in relation to South

Africa’s positioning as part of the African continent and

the Global South.

VIAD takes takes a strongly Practice-Led approach to

research. Research may take the form of written outputs

(solo or co-authored scholarly books, academic journal

articles, chapters in edited volumes, guest-edited special

editions of journals); creative production (solo or curated

exhibitions, installations, public art, collaborative projects,

design and other visual products); curatorial practices

(exhibitions curated around particular conceptual

thematics); and multiple platforms for knowledge

dissemination and exchange (conferences, panel

discussions, colloquia) that have both broad audience

reach and specialist interest.

Visual Identities in

Art and Design (VIAD)

The Visual Identities in Art and Design (hereafter ‘VIAD’) Research Centre was

established in June 2007, as part of UJ’s initiative to strengthen itself as a reputable,

research-intensive institution in relation to the broader South African and international

academic communities. From its inception as one of six new UJ Research Centres, VIAD

has developed into a nationally and internationally established locus of research. After

10 years of existence, VIAD is widely recognised as a highly respected base of knowledge

formation around the thematics of visual identities, both within South Africa, and

increasingly, internationally.

Post-Doctoral Fellowships,

Research Associateships

and PhD in Art and Design

may be applied for. For more

information on the above,

please contact:

Prof Leora Farber

Director: Visual Identities in Art

and Design Research Centre

Faculty of Art, Design and


University of Johannesburg



+27 (0)11 559 1210

twitter: @VIADResearch