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To gain access to a

Faculty and to a specific

programme, applicants

are required to have the

appropriate combination

of recognised National

Senior Certificate (NSC) or

Independent Examinations

Board (IEB) subjects, as

well as certain levels of

achievement in these

subjects, as set out in

this prospectus. Learners

who have not written

the National Senior

Certificate or Independent

Examinations Board final

examinations, but fall

in the categories listed

below, will be referred to

the Faculties for faculty-

specific selection:

— ACE School of Tomorrow,

—N3/N4/N5/N6 results,


— any other final school-

leaving certificates not


In addition to the above,

a National Benchmark

Test (NBT) and Centre for

Psychological Services

and Career Development

(PsyCaD) evaluation will

be required.

Note: Compliance

with the minimum

requirements does

not guarantee a place

as the University has

a specific number of

places as approved by

the Department of Higher

Education and Training

for new undergraduate

first years.

Conditional admission is

based on the final Grade 11

results. Final admission is

based on the final Grade

12 results. The earlier you

apply, the more likely it is

that you will be accepted

into a UJ Residence. Only

once you have applied and

you have your reference/

student number will you

be able to investigate

bursaries that may cover

your studies.

Applying at FADA

The Faculty of Art Design and Architecture (FADA) offers

the following undergraduate programmes:

Dip in Architecture


BA (Fashion Design)

Dip in Fashion Production

BA (Graphic (Communication) Design)

BA (Industrial Design)

BA (Interior Design)

Dip in Jewellery Design and Manufacture

BA (Digital (Multimedia) Design)

BA (Visual Art)

Application Process


Please note the following:

—No application fee will be charged for online applications.

— If you have previously applied and have a UJ student number, please call the UJ

Call Centre (011 559 4555) to ensure that your cell number and email address are

captured on our student database. This will ensure you receive a PIN number to

complete the online application process.

An applicant must go to

and select online web application.




Paper application forms are available on request at a fee of R200. Please note, there is

no payment required for online applications.

NB: If you receive a conditional acceptance letter, your matric results will determine

final admission into the programme you have applied for. Only then will you be allowed

to register.


—Once the online application has been received students will receive electronic

feedback regarding the status of the application.

— Applicants that meet the minimum entry requirements will be requested to submit

a portfolio. Information about the portfolio will be communicated electronically.

Remember: The sooner you submit your portfolio the sooner you will know if your

space is secured. Applicants are admited on a first come first serve basis.

Details for portfolio submissions are as follows: Monday – Friday, 09:00 – 15:00

Ground Floor, Admin Office, FADA Building, University of Johannesburg,

Auckland Park Bunting Road Campus, Johannesburg.

Should you require any further information please do not

hesitate to contact your department, details are as follows:


Kathy Loots / 011 559 1115 /

Fashion Design and Fashion Production

Jacky Lucking / 011 559 1022 /

Graphic (Communication) Design

Elda Majola / 011 559 1117 /

Industrial Design

Victor Dos Santos / 011 559 1022 /

Interior Design

Kathy Loots / 011 559 1115 /

Jewellery Design and Manufacture

Taryn Joseph / 011 559 1125 /

Multimedia (Digital Design)

Ms Elda Majola / 011 559 1117 /

Visual (Fine) Art

Elda Majola / 011 559 1117 /

The Departments of

Interior Design, Jewellery

Design and Manufacture

and Visual Art prescribe an

interview process

, you’re

encouraged to secure an

early booking with:

Interior Design

011 559 1115 / Kathy Loots


Jewellery Design and


011 559 1125 / Taryn Joseph


Visual (Fine) Art

011 559 1117 / Elda Majola


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