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Visual Art


— Your portfolio of

artworks should consist

of between 6 and 10

pieces of your best


— These may be

drawings, paintings,

photographs, prints,

sculptures or good

quality reproductions

(photographs, or digital

images on CD ROM).

— These must be your

original work.

— A note from your parent,

guardian or teacher,

verifying the authenticity

of all your work, must

accompany the portfolio.

— All portfolios, as well

as individual pieces of

work, should be clearly

labelled with your name

and contact details.

— You must also complete

TWO compulsory

projects that have

been designed to

assess drawing ability,

imagination, sensitivity

to colour, proportion,

design skills and

a general ability to

communicate visually.

— These two compulsory

projects MUST be

completed at home

and form part of your

portfolio at the entrance


— The projects will help

the department assess

your overall potential as

a Visual Art student.

Project 1:

Drawing (approx 1½- 3hrs

to be completed at home)


: Produce an

accurate drawing of a

wooden chair against a

plain background. The

whole chair must be



: Pencil on white

cartridge paper.


: A2 (420mm x

594mm) in vertical


— Consider the following:

—Do a number of

sketches to explore

the best composition

before attempting the

final drawing.

— Carefully consider

the placement of

the chair within the

defined drawing area.

— Keep line work fresh

and spontaneous.

— Ensure that the

pencil is always sharp

and use the eraser


—Do not make use of

mechanical drawing

equipment such as

rulers, compass sets,


— Avoid large and

illegible signatures

— print your name in

the lower right hand

corner of the sheet.

—Be aware of the

factors that will

aid in rendering

the form of the

chair, such as light,

shadow, background/

foreground contrasts,

texture and context.

—Remember that

irrelevant detail and

decorative pencil

smudging will not

improve a poorly

constructed drawing.

Project 2:

Self-portrait (approx 9 hrs

to be completed at home)



— Produce a self-

portrait with favourite

objects using colour.

— The portrait must

be naturalistically

rendered but may also

include expression.

— The objects should

help to provide insight

into your personality.

— The portrait should be

the most important

and largest visual

element in the



: Any water-

based paint e.g.

watercolour, poster

paint or acrylics. Good

quality cartridge paper

or board may be used.


: A2 (420 x 594 mm).

— The project will be

assessed on drawing

and painting skills,

composition, sensitivity

in the use of colour

and imaginative

interpretation of the


Contact Details

Department of Visual Art

Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture (FADA)

University of Johannesburg

Auckland Park Bunting Road Campus


FADA Information Centre

011 559 1117/1098 /