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Portfolios must be presented neatly and well organised in a flat portfolio and not in

a roll. The professional quality of the portfolio and the work it contains will form the

basis of the assessment.

The portfolio must contain the following


a) A receipt indicating that the application form has been submitted to the University

of Johannesburg applications office.

b) A certified copy of the applicant’s ID.

c) A certified copy of his/her latest results in the Senior Certificate examination or

equivalent qualification.

d) A signed declaration that the portfolio is the applicant’s own work.

e) The four projects outlined below.

Project 1: Drawing

— Produce an accurate

drawing of a chair

against a plain

background. The

whole chair must be

represented. This

drawing must be done

free-hand, not using a

ruler, compass, or any

other technical drawing

instrument or object to

help create the drawing.

—Medium and format:

Pencil or pen on white

A2 paper.

— Assessment criteria:

Adherence to

instructions, accurate

drawing skill, skilful use

of medium, composition.

Project 2: Lettering

—Divide an A2 piece of

paper into 16 equally

sized rectangles.

Letter the word “sign”

differently in each of the

16 squares.

—Medium and format: A

variety of art mediums

must be used, from

the traditional, such

as pencil, to the non-

traditional, such as

potato print or stencil,

on A2 paper or board.

— Assessment criteria:

Adherence to

instructions, creative

thinking, skilful use of

media, composition.

Project 3: Describing

a process using

drawings – comic strip

— Create a five-panel

comic strip, using only

pictures (no words),

to clearly explain the

process of frying an egg.

—Medium and format:

Any appropriate drawing

medium may be

selected, such as pencil

or pen, on good-quality

A3 paper or board.

— Assessment criteria:

Adherence to

instructions, creative

thinking, appropriate

selection and skilful use

of medium, composition,

story-telling skill, visual

communication skill,

appropriateness of style.

Portfolio Requirements

Contact Details

Department of Multimedia

Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture (FADA)

University of Johannesburg

Auckland Park Bunting Road Campus


FADA Information Centre

011 559 1117/1098 /


Project 4: Ten

examples of your

own work

— Include ten examples of

your own visual art and/

or design.

—Medium and format:

drawings, photocopies,

photographs, prints or


— Assessment criteria:

Art and design skills,

drawing skills, creativity,

technical ability and