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Jewellery Design and Manufacture (D8JD1Q)

The University of Johannesburg (UJ) is situated in the metropolis of Johannesburg, which is

one of the dynamic Jewellery hubs of South Africa. The state-of-the-art facilities combined

with the expertise of the lecturing staff makes the UJ Department of Jewellery Design a

premier setting to study towards a career in the Jewellery industry. The department’s aim

is to cultivate broad-based skills associated with jewellery entrepreneurship. Students are

encouraged to develop a range of competencies which enables them to achieve their full

creative potential.

The diploma programme incorporates Jewellery Practice that includes Jewellery Design, Drawing and Manufacturing

Techniques. Other key areas of study include Gemmology, Technology, Contextual Studies and Design Management.

The BTech programme offers more advanced levels of competencies in Jewellery Practice and Jewellery Theory that

prepares students for the Jewellery Industry. The Department promotes a dual focus on commercial and high-end fine

jewellery with an emphasis on conceptual design.

Career Opportunities

Career opportunities exist in the following:

— Contemporary jewellery designer / maker

— Commercial jewellery designer / manufacturer

— Jewellery retail industry

—Retail / wholesale buying

—Gemmology / diamond industry

— Jewellery workshop manager

— CAD jewellery designer

— Education / training

Admission Requirements

Diploma: Jewellery Design and Manufacture (D8JD1Q)

— Senior Certificate or equivalent qualification with a minimum APS or M-score.

— Attendance of an entrance assessment once the application form has been processed.

— Completion of the National Benchmarking Test (NBT) for Academic and Quantitative Literacy (AQL).

Applicants meeting the minimum entrance requirements (APS or M-score) for the Diploma: Jewellery Design and

Manufacture will be invited to an entrance assessment.

Selection Criteria

Selection is based on the results of the following assessment:

a) A multiple choice test from notes provided by the Department

b) A technical problem-solving test

c) Two and three-dimensional drawing, design and hand making ability

d) Submission of a portfolio of work

e) An interview with staff members

Portfolio Submission

Applicants must submit a

prescribed portfolio


Submission of a portfolio

must only take place

once you have officially

applied to the university

and have been invited by

the faculty to participate

in the selection process.

You will be informed by

means of a selection letter

from the faculty regarding

submission dates and

portfolio requirements.

Portfolios can be

submitted to:


of Jewellery and


, University

of Johannesburg,

Faculty of Art, Design

and Architecture (FADA),

Auckland Park Bunting

Road Campus, Auckland

Park 2006

* Portfolios can be posted

or dropped off at the above


Applicants are informed of

the outcome in an official

letter. Portfolios must be

collected four weeks after

submission, unclaimed

portfolios will be disposed

of by the department.