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In addition to the above,

the applicant will be

required to complete the

following four projects

specifically for the



Project 1:

Observational drawings

— The applicant is required

to produce a pencil

drawing of a power tool

of choice on a work

surface. The drawing

must be completed as

accurately as possible

on A2 sized paper.

— This drawing is to be

completed free-hand

only – a ruler, compass

or any other technical

drawing instrument may

not be used.

Project 2:

Set of design drawings

—On three separate A2

sheets of paper, the

applicant must produce

drawings of their own

design for three different

desk lamps. The designs

are to be based on the

following three themes;

office, home and hotel.

— The applicant is

required to complete

basic market research

and include notes and

images explaining their

findings and thinking.

Preparatory or rough

work may also be


— For each design, the

applicant should draw a

real life (3D perspective)

view, a front view, a side

view and a top view.

— All drawings must be

done free-hand only.

Project 3:

Describe a sequence of


—Using drawings only, the

applicant is required to

describe how to make a

cup of instant coffee.

— The drawings should

be as self-explanatory

as possible and

should include all

the necessary steps

required to complete the


— The drawings need to

include hands / human

interface in describing

the necessary steps.

— The drawings must be

completed on A2 paper

using permanent line

drawing media in a

technical illustration

line style.

Project 4:

Packaging exercise

—Design and make an

interesting cardboard

package to hold twelve

(12) ‘bulldog’ clips.

— The package should

be able to adequately

display the ‘bulldog’

clips. Please avoid

making the obvious

cardboard box.

— The packaging must

be delivered fully

constructed and

containing the correct

amount of bull dog clips.

— An A2 sheet of paper

detailing the assembly

of the packaging must

be supplied.

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