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Portfolio Requirements

— A portfolio is a collection of the applicant’s work, held in protective covering, such

as cardboard. This portfolio must not be larger than 594mm x 420mm (A2). Heavy

materials such as metal or wood should not be used. Portfolios in tubes, boxes and

plastic bags are to be avoided.

— The applicant’s name and telephone number and the wording “DEPARTMENT OF

INDUSTRIAL DESIGN” must appear on the cover.

— The construction and presentation of this portfolio forms part of the panel’s

assessment of the application.

Administrative information


a) An A4 typed document including:

— A recent passport photograph, the applicant’s name and age.

— A brief outline of the applicant’s work experience and the results of any aptitude


— A statement of whether the applicant has previously applied to study Industrial


— A written declaration that the portfolio is the applicant’s own work.

b) A certified copy of the applicant’s most recent school results and other studies.

c) A certified copy of the applicant’s identification document.

d) A written declaration stating that the applicant has no physical disabilities that may

impact on learning and in particular working in a workshop facility safely. If the

applicant has a disability a medical certificate or supportive medical documents are

to be supplied.



— The applicant is required to produce a two-page typed essay (excluding bibliography

/ reference list) documenting their analysis of the work and the approach to design

of a well-known professional industrial designer (local or international).

— The applicant must complete thorough research on the individual selected through

a variety of reliable sources: books, journals, internet searches and personal

conversations (where possible).

— The various sources must be referred to in a bibliography / reference list at the end

of the essay.

— In concluding the essay, the applicant must explain the reason for selecting the

chosen designer.

Proof of previous creative work


— Two photographs of a sculpture, model or other object that the applicant has

designed or made (must be the applicant’s own work).

— Two favourite drawings or paintings (must be the applicant’s own work).



Mathematics OR

Maths Literacy



Language of

teaching and

learning *

Other recognised

language **


with Mathematics


with Maths Literacy


(60 – 69%)


(50 – 59%)

Maths: 4

(50 – 59%)

Maths Lit: 5

(60 – 69%)

Submission of

a specified


Average Point Score (APS)

A minimum APS of

23 with Mathematics


24 with Mathematical Literacy

is required to apply for the programme.

Portfolio Submission

Applicants must submit a

prescribed portfolio


Submission of a portfolio

must only take place

once you have officially

applied to the university

and have been invited by

the faculty to participate

in the selection process.

You will be informed by

means of a selection letter

from the faculty regarding

submission dates and

portfolio requirements.

Portfolios can be

submitted to:


of Industrial Design


University of Johannesburg,

Faculty of Art, Design

and Architecture (FADA),

Auckland Park Bunting

Road Campus, Auckland

Park 2006

* Portfolios can be posted

or dropped off at the above


Applicants are informed of

the outcome in an official

letter. Portfolios must be

collected four weeks after

submission, unclaimed

portfolios will be disposed

of by the department.

* English, Home Language or English First Additional Language / ** Home Language or English First Additional Language

For detailed information, refer to page 4 of this brochure.