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Industrial Design (B8BAAQ)

Industrial designers use drawings, models and computer programmes to improve the

aesthetics, ergonomics and functionality of a broad range of products, from once-off

furniture items to mass-produced goods such as gaming consoles, kitchen appliances

and mobile phones.

The Department of Industrial Design offers a Bachelor of Arts in Industrial Design. The Department also offers

a BA (Honours) Industrial Design Degree for those who have already successfully completed a Bachelor of Arts

in Industrial Design. The Department’s facilities include a comprehensive workshop that allows students to

manufacture almost any prototype.

Career Opportunities

Graduates enter the following career paths:

—Member of a design team at a design consultancy

—Member of an in-house design team at a manufacturing company

—Manufacturer of products


—Model maker

— Illustrator

Admission Requirements

BA Design (Industrial Design) (B8BAAQ)

— Senior certificate or equivalent qualification with a minimum APS or M-score.

— Submission of a prescribed portfolio once the application form has been processed.

— Completion of the National Benchmarking Test (NBT) for Academic and Quantitative Literacy (AQL).

Recommended school subjects: Mathematics, Engineering Graphics and Design, Design, Mechanical Technology,

Consumer Studies and History.

Please note

: The estimated budget for materials, books, printing and other consumables is R18 000 and payable

to various service providers outside of the university when required. This is a variable cost and dependent on the

individual student’s ability to work within the constraints of specified projects. This cost is over and above

the tuition fee which is a fixed cost and payable directly to the University of Johannesburg.

BA Degree