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Task 5: Telling stories

Arrange the following three frames so that they make two

completely different stories. Write the basic plot for each

story you have made.

Assessment criteria

: creativity, writing skills, attitude.

Task 6: Essay

Write a two-page essay on the following topic: “I think

I am creative because…”

Assessment criteria

: creativity, writing skills, attitude.

Task 7: Visual analysis

Choose any image, for example a painting, poster, or

photograph, and explain in writing what the image depicts.

Assessment criteria

: writing skills, attitude.

Articulation possibilities

The Graphic Design Department offers a Bachelor of Arts

Honours in Design and a Master’s of Arts in Design.

Contact Details

Department of Graphic Design

Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture (FADA)

University of Johannesburg

Auckland Park Bunting Road Campus


FADA Information Centre

011 559 1117/1098 /