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Selection Criteria

— Applicants are selected through the assessment of a prescribed portfolio as described in this pamphlet. Please

note that University of Johannesburg applications close at the end of September.

— Portfolios can be submitted on the last Friday of each month from June until the end of October 2017. Applicants are

informed of the outcome in an official letter, and the portfolios must be collected by the last Friday of January 2018.

The portfolio must be delivered or posted to: Department of Graphic Design, Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture,

University of Johannesburg, PO Box 524, Auckland Park, Johannesburg, 2006.

Portfolio Requirements

You are required to prepare a portfolio of work in which you compile your response to the tasks outlined. The portfolio

must adhere to the following:

— It must be A2 in size and neatly made of rigid, protective material such as cardboard or rigid plastic sheets.

However, avoid heavy materials such as metal or wood for the cover.

— Your name, telephone number, postal address, the programme you are applying for, and the Graphic Design

Department’s address must appear on the cover.

— It must include certified copies of your ID and your latest results in the National Senior Certificate examination or

equivalent qualification as well as a certified and signed declaration that the portfolio is your own work.

— It must include all the set tasks as outlined below, and in addition you may include examples of your best existing

work in the form of photographs, photocopies, digital prints, or compact disk or flash drive.

— You are advised to give serious attention to the quality of your portfolio as only a restricted number of students

can be accepted.


— The tasks are constructed to assess your creativity, visual communication skills as well as your technical ability,

and presentation, drawing and writing skills

— The tasks must be completed in 16 hours or less.

— Following submission of the portfolio, the Department might require you to complete further assessments

at the University of Johannesburg to test your vocabulary, verbal reasoning, non-verbal reasoning, reading

comprehension, comparison, and spatial visualisation ability.

—Read through the tasks carefully and ensure that you adhere to all the instructions.

—Remember that there are no right or wrong ways to complete the assessment, only different ways of addressing

the tasks.

Task 1: Chair drawing

Set up a wooden chair

and place an object that

you feel communicates

something about your

personality on or next

to the chair. Produce an

accurate drawing in pencil

of this set-up on an A2

paper. The whole chair

must be represented and

the drawing must be done

free-hand – you may not

use a ruler, compass, or

any other technical drawing

instrument or object to

help you do the drawing.

Assessment criteria


Creativity, visual

communication skills,

technical ability,

presentation skills,

drawing skills, attitude.

Task 2: Lettering

Divide an A2 piece of paper

into a grid consisting of

16 rectangles. Letter the

word “mix[1]” differently in

each rectangle. A variety

of mediums must be used,

from the traditional, such

as pencil, to the non-

traditional, such as tea.

Assessment criteria


creativity, visual

communication skills,

technical ability,

presentation skills,


Task 3: Comic strip

Create a five-panel comic

strip using only pictures

showing what you would

do if you won the lotto. The

drawing can be in any style

appropriate to the tone of

the story. Any appropriate

drawing medium may be

selected, such as pencil

or pen, on good-quality A3

paper or board.

Assessment criteria


creativity, visual

communication skills,

technical ability,

presentation skills,


Task 4: Logo


Imagine that you were

asked to develop

a new


for one of the following

brands: Coco Pops / Fruit


Write the name of the

brand you have chosen in

the middle of an A3 page.

Then make a mind-map

showing your thought

process in coming up with

an idea for the logo. Come

up with as many ideas as

you think are possible and

write down and visualise

the ideas as the mind-map

grows. Try also to show

connections between

your ideas. Once you are

finished indicate on the

mind-map which is your

favourite concept.

Assessment criteria


creativity, visual

communication skills,