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Important Documents

Ensure that you include the following documents with your portfolio:

— A copy of your latest school results

— A copy of your ID/passport

— An ID/passport photo of yourself

Portfolios should be submitted to the secretary of the Fashion Department in the FADA building, Auckland Park

Bunting Road Campus of the University of Johannesburg.

If you have any questions contact the secretary at 011 559 1022 or email

All portfolios must be sent via a courier company or delivered in person to


Department of Fashion Design

Faculty of Art Design and Architecture

FADA Building

Auckland Park Bunting Road Campus (APB)

University of Johannesburg

Auckland Park

Good luck and remember to have fun!

After assessment, portfolios must be collected

from the department before December 2017.

The portfolio we are asking you to compile is done for two reasons. One – completing all tasks will show your

suitability for being accepted into the programme. Two – as our enrolment target is based on the capacity of our

infrastructure, we can only accommodate a limited number of applicants. It is important that you complete the

tasks to the best of your ability.

The portfolio is a compulsory requirement


Project 1:

Ladies Day Wear • Ladies

Evening Wear • Ladies

Active Wear • Mens Casual

Wear • Mens Active Wear

Identify 3 garments (1 from

any category given above)

from any contemporary

fashion designer/brand

that you can find in a

magazine. Re-draw the

garments as detailed

technical line drawings

on A4 paper. Carefully

consider all seam lines

that should be present in

the technical drawing. You

should add labels to the

technical drawing where

necessary. Draw each

garment on a separate

sheet of paper and attach

the photographic reference

(picture) of each of the

garments to the back of

the technical drawing.

Attach fabric samples that

you think would suit the

technical drawings.

Project 2:

Trend report

Compile a trend report.

Choose a target market

and write about a trend

that is currently influencing

this target market. Explain

your choices. Your trend

report can include images

that you have found in

magazines or on the

internet. This trend report

should be 2 A4 pages.





Contact Details

Department of Fashion

Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture (FADA)

University of Johannesburg

Auckland Park Bunting Road Campus


FADA Information Centre

011 559 1022/1098 /


Project 3:

Design and make a fabric

shoulder bag inspired by

your trend report using the

following dimensions:

BAG: Width: 25cm /

Length: 30cm


Any length or width of your

own choice, as long as it

suits the bag that you are


DECORATION: Decorate the

bag according to a stated

theme of your choice.


FOR THE BAG: You may

make use of any of the

materials that you feel are

suitable. Please note that

the bag needs to be sturdy

and usable.


short motivation (120 to

150 words) explaining the

theme you chose, the fabric

you used and how you

decorated the bag.

Project 4:

In a well-developed 500

word essay, describe

your understanding of

the fashion industry and

explain why you have

chosen fashion as a career.

Pay attention to the

presentation of your

portfolio as this is a part of

the portfolio assessment


You need to add a signed

declaration (a signed

affidavit from the police

station or a commissioner

of oath) that the above is

your own work. Make sure

that every project has your

ID/passport number

clearly visible.

Prospective candidates

may be asked for an

interview as part of the

entrance assessment.