Research Centres and Groups

 Research Centres and Groups

The Faculty supports the third strategic goal of UJ on internationally competitive research. Its research output has increased significantly in the past year. The focus of the Faculty ensures that research output will increase further in the next year.

Research output is measured in terms of accredited articles and accredited proceedings, as well as other publications.

Research projects and groups develop new knowledge and strengthen research niche areas.

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There are 13 main research centres/groups in the Faculty, some of which are world class.

Civil Engineering Science

A Research Centre on Civil Engineering Materials is currently being established in the ABA Brink Materials Laboratory.

Water and Health Group

The Water and Health Group is comprised of a Water Research Group based in the Department of Civil Engineering Science and other water-related groups in the university, such as the Water and Health Research Unit. The Water and Health Group involves several researchers working on water research from different faculties at UJ and from other universities. It is an exciting group as it crosses professional-scientific divide.

1.  Water Research Group

Griffioen, M.L., Van Zyl, J.E. and Haarhoff, J. 

Revision of the Red Book: Water demand design guidelines regarding non-domestic use for developed areas (by utilising the WRC database).

Griffioen, M.L., and Gertzen, D. 

Why Resource Management Plans (RMPs) is needed by the government (DWAF).

Griffioen, M.L., Van Zyl, J.E. and Haarhoff, J. 

Revision of the Red Book: Water demand design guidelines regarding peak factors (by utilising the WRC database).

Kobus van Zyl

Hydraulic modelling of waste distribution systems

- Water demand estimation

- Plumbing systems

- Water leakage

- Integrated water meter management


2.  Civil Engineering Materials

Deon Kruger, Pierre van Tonder & Jannes Bester

Concrete and Masonry repair: Materials and techniques

- Polymer Concrete Applications

- Properties of various cement binders: SABS and non-SABS

- Application of natural fibres in building products

- The Improvement of concrete and concrete repair materials by applying nano-technology.


3.      Civil Infrastructure

Mark van Ryneveld

- Settlement planning/urban sprawl

- Skills development

- Water services, particularly sanitation


4.  Structural Engineering

Morgan Dundu

- Cold-formed steel structures

- Composite construction

Electrical & Electronic Engineering Science

1.  Telecommunications Research Group

Names of persons involved 


Areas of interest:


Prof. HC Ferreira

Filip Palunčić

Ling Cheng

Reolyn Heymann

Dr. Theo Swart

Khamies Ouhada

Jaco Versfeld

A. Emleh

Christopher Botha

Thokozani Shongwe

Information Theory

Coding Techniques

Correction of Synchronisation errors

Power Line Communication

Network Coding

Video Communications


2.  Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Research Group

Professor Johan Meyer





3.  Industrial Electronics Technology Research Group

Professor Ivan Hofsajer




4.  Speech and Signal Processing Research Group

Professor H. Boshoff




Mechanical Engineering Science

1.  Energy

Alan Nurick

Hybrid Photovoltaic and Thermal Systems

Solar Illuminance for Interior Illumination

Characterisation of Thermal Conductivity and Thermal Diffusivity of Building Materials

Development of Solar Concentrators

Philip Goyns

Vehicle Emissions and Fuel Consumption Modelling

Energy Modelling and Viability of Various Energy Technologies in South Africa


2.  Manufacturing

Zvi Katz

Manufacturing processes

-  Material removal

-  Plastic deformation

-  Non- traditional manufacturing processes

Design for Manufacturing, Automated Assembly, Rapid Prototyping, Digital Factories

Industrial robotics, Autonomous guided vehicles, Flexible and reconfigurable manufacturing systems

Analysis and synthesis in complex manufacturing systems design, Emergent systems

Concepts of self-organisation, swarm intelligence and learning, System integration


3.  Materials

Rolf Laubscher, Daniel Madyira, & Nickey van Rensburg

High Performance Machining of Light Alloys with Special Emphasis on Titanium

Rolf Laubscher & Johan Klopper

Effect of Different Welding Techniques on The Structural Integrity of Built-up 3CR12 Sections

Structural Behaviour of Hot-Rolled Steel Sections

Rolf Laubscher, & Johan Klopper

Residual Stress Measurement Techniques


4.  Sensors and Actuators

Japie van Wyk & Francois Pieterse

Fibre Optical Bragg Grating Sensors (FBGS) for the health monitoring of composite aeronautical structures

Wind tunnel balances

Transducers using FBGS

Japie van Wyk

Electro-active Actuators for missile fin actuation and control


Mining and Extraction Metallurgy

Prof Mulaba

Small Scale Mining Small Scale minerals Beneficiation research group


Prof Mulaba

Minerals Processing and Technology Research Group


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