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​College of Business and Economics


The University of Johannesburg's College of Business and Economics (CBE) was launched on 1 July 2017. 

The College of Business and Economics is strategically positioned in Johannesburg to be at the centre of regeneration in Africa through socio-economic transformation.

The College continues to offer a range of exciting programmes, enhancing the profile of management education in Africa, as well as globally, contributing to the University of Johannesburg's vision of promoting Pan-Africanism.

The College emerged from the former Faculty of Management and the former Faculty of Economic and Financial Sciences, since the University's ambition and ability to drive socio-economic transformation aligns well with global best-practice in business and economics education.

The new structure enables the combination of substantial and well-established programmes serving both the private and public sector which will enhance the synergies that exist amongst the various disciplines in the legacy Faculties.



Prof Llewellyn Leonard, Vice Dean: Research, College of Business and Economics

Please join me in congratulating Prof Llewellyn Leonard who was appointed as the first Vice Dean: Research of the College of Business and Economics.          

He holds a MSc Civil Engineering and a PhD from Kings College, University of London. 

His research interests include environmental justice; sustainability; environment (industrial risks, climate change); democracy and governance; civil society-state-industry relations; social movements; transnational environmental accountability; global justice movements; and political ecology/economy.Llewellyn’s focus will be on implementing the CBE strategic plan for research and postgraduate studies.

This extensive portfolio emphasises:

  • 6% postgraduate growth year-on-year
  • Coordinating key strategic investments into postgraduate student and staff support, internationalisation and decolonisation in the PG portfolio
  • Excellent governance
  • Growing external research funding
  • Postgraduate throughput
  • Promoting research output and impact
  • Related talent development
  • Streamlining and enrichment and of the postgraduate programme qualification mix with research methodologies and technologies
Prof Sivan Chetty, Vice Dean: Teaching & Learning, College of Business and Economics

Please join me in congratulating Prof Sivan Chetty who was appointed as the first Vice Dean: Teaching & Learning of the College of Business and Economics. 

He is an economist holding a BEd, BCom, BCom Hons, MCom (cum laude) and a DCom (RAU). 

Prof Chetty has served as the Vice Dean of the legacy Faculty of Economic and Financial Sciences since 2007 and contributes a wealth of experience and organisational memory.       

Sivan’s focus will be on implementing the CBE strategic plan for teaching and learning. 

This extensive portfolio includes:

  • CEP innovation and growth
  • Challenges with first year dropout and graduate throughput
  • Directing investments into teaching and learning technologies and decolonisation
  • Excellent governance
  • Related talent development
  • Undergraduate student support
  • Widened access and streamlining of the UG Programme Qualification Mix


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