Student Societies

 Student Societies

Registered UJ students are encouraged to participate in student life activities and student societies, which form part of the vibrant student life at UJ. There are a number of student societies on each of the four UJ campuses.

A student society is a group of students that come together for a particular purpose. During Societies Week, which takes place in February each year, societies actively recruit new members from the general student population on their campus. Students can then obtain details about each society and information on how to join them.         

In order to operate as a registered UJ student society on a particular campus the society must have a constitution recognised by the SRC of that particular campus and a membership list of at least 30 registered UJ students.

All student societies are categorised into four groups:

Academic societies: Student societies in this category mainly focus on matters of academic interest.
Political societies
: Students with a strong affiliation to political issues usually join the political society of their choice on a particular campus.
Religious societies
: There is a broad spectrum of religious societies represented on each campus.
Social societies: Student societies in this category represent many different social interests.

Student societies afford students the opportunity to explore their own unique interests while developing their potential.

The student societies on the various campuses differ from one another according to student interest. If you are interested in starting your own society or want to know more about the various registered student societies on a particular campus, you can contact the Student Development Practitioner of that campus.

The Auckland Park Bunting Road Campus (APB). General enquiries about student societies on APB may be directed to the APB Student Development Practitioner:

Telephone: 011 559 1303
Office: Sable Court, APB

The Auckland Park Kingsway Campus (APK). General enquiries about student societies on APK may be directed to the APK Student Development Practitioner:

Ms Bonny Seseli
Telephone: 011 559 4173

Office: E Ring 319, APK

The Doornfontein Campus (DFC). General enquiries about student societies on DFC may be directed to the DFC Student Development Practitioner:

Mr Jimmy Molautsi
Telephone: 011 559 6226

Office: 30 Quadrum Building, DFC

The Soweto Campus (SWC). General enquiries about student societies on SWC may be directed to the SWC Student Development Practitioner:

Ms Mzikazi Noholoza
Telephone: 011 559 5543
Office: ADD 103 Ukhamba Building, SWC

The student societies and the Student Development Practitioners function within the
Student Governanceunit of Student Affairs directed by the Head: Student Governance:

Mr Godfrey Helani
Telephone: 011 559 4663
Office: E Ring 317, APK

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