National Student Financial Aid Scheme

This is the place where you will find information on the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS)

It has come to the attention of UJ NSFAS management that certain groups/’helplines’ are charging a fee to students in order to submit a UJ NSFAS application form on behalf of a student.

Please note that this ‘helpline’ is in no way associated with UJ, and is not approved to assist by the UJ NSFAS office. The fees levied to unsuspecting students are thus fraudulent.

There is no fee charge for a UJ NSFAS application. Students can be guided on how to complete an application at the UJ NSFAS office.

Please be aware so that you are not a victim of fraud.

Perpetrators will be fully investigated and will be disciplined.

Please ensure that you are 100% honest in your NSFAS applications, as the NSFAS office is engaged in various processes in order to identify fraudulent applications.

Please ensure that you comply and apply in time.

Thank you for your co-operation.

UJ NSFAS Management.

2013  NSFAS funding:  Approximately 42% of  2013 NSFAS funding is still outstanding from NSFAS-Cape Town. Thus some NSFAS student accounts had reflected a balance owing, and students results were blocked. To simplify registration UJ is advancing the 2013 unpaid NSFAS funding to students.  Thus student account balances will be settled and students will be able to register for 2014 without being impacted. This advance is not a full and final payment of the student account. The advance will be reversed after the funding owed to UJ NSFAS by NSFAS-Cape Town is received. Please check student accounts for details. 

Please note - No outstanding “non-NSFAS” balances can be settled due to lack of 2014 funding

Important documentation:


Please note that all approved NSFAS 1st Year students, who are academically registered at UJ for 2014, and who have signed the relevant Loan Agreement Forms, will be elligiable to receive a Handheld Tablet Device.
All First Year approved NSFAS students as detailed on the NSFAS Boardlist are requested to finalise Academic Registration, and finalise the NSFAS appointments as soon as possible.
Devices will be provided strictly on a First Come First Serve Basis’
A list of approved NSFAS students is available on the UJ website, click HERE to view it. 

Important Notice:

The 2015 NSFAS application cycle closes on the 1st of October 2014 at 14h00.No late applications will be accepted.

After you have registered you can schedule an appointment  on the student portal ( to submit your loan agreement form in February 2015.The appointment system will be opened by close of business on 28 January. NoNSFAS appointments can be scheduled at the NSFAS office.  The appointment system will verify your 2015 registration, the NSFAS approval status – as displayed on the NSFAS approved list and the availability of funding before allowing you to schedule an appointment.  

Please click here to like our NSFAS at UJ page for the latest information and events




Aucklandpark Bunting Rd Campus: 

(011) 559 1250 / 1173 / 1193 / 1594 / 1323 

Aucklandpark Kingsway Campus:    

(011) 559 3768 / 3575 / 2965 / 3906 / 4035  / 3642 

Doornfontein Campus: 

(011) 559 6412 / 6063 / 6195 

Soweto Campus:                            

(011) 559 5507 / 5508

Bunting Road :                 A24 Red
Doornfontein :                  185, Admin
Kingsway Auckland Park: E Ring 1
Soweto: Rooms 109, 111, Admin

Email :  


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