Bursaries and Loans

 Bursaries and Loans

All qualifying students have to apply for a Merit bursary via the UJ student portal.At UJ we would like you to follow the programme of your choice and pursue your career dreams. Hence we offer a wide variety of bursaries and loans to all students, irrespective of their field of study, to assist you financially.

Merit Bursaries 2012

Academic merit bursaries are awarded annually on the grounds of exceptional academic achievement.  This is determined according to the APS score on your matriculation certificate. These bursaries are guaranteed.  Your final matriculation certificate will determine your first-year bursary. Bursaries for second- and third-year studies will be awarded according to the average obtained in the June and December University examinations.

Detailed information on all merit and  other UJ administered bursaries  is available in the 2010  Under and Post Graduate bursaries booklet published below

All enquiries regarding bursaries can be directed to:


(011) 559-3769
(011) 559-4409


National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS)

NSFAS is a statutory body, funded primarily by South Africa's National Department of Education, providing study loans to academically able but financially needy students who wish to study at one of South Africa's public higher education institutions. NSFAS has appointed the University of Johannesburg (UJ)  to administer funds on its behalf.

 A  student qualifies for a NSFAS loan if he/she is:

  • A South-African citizen
  • Registered at a South-African University
  • An undergraduate studying for a first tertiary educational qualification, or studying for a second tertiary qualification, if  this is  necessary to practise in your chosen profession  (e.g. LLB or HDE)  Loans are not granted  for Access, Pre-Tech, Certificate or anynon subsidised vocational courses.
  • Able to demonstrate potential for academic success.  First   year students must comply with minimum entrance requirements of a particular  academic programme.
  • Financially needy.  Proof of income has to be submitted. A means test  used by all institutions makes it possible to determine the  exact  value of the NSFAS loan and the expected family contribution.

 A NSFAS loan may be used to pay tuition fees, books &  university accommodation fees.  Loan repayments must be initiated once your annual earnings exceeds R26 300 per year. 

Enquiries: NSFAS Offices:

(Please enquire at the Campus where you will study)

Bunting Road Campus:  (011) 559 -1250/1552/1173/1193/1594;   (A 24 red APB)                                                                               

Doornfontein Campus:  (011) 559-6541; (011) 559-6412;  (011) 559-6063  (185, Admin Block, DFC)

Kingsway/Aucklandpark Campus:  (011) 559-3768/3575/2965/3906/4035/3642   (E ring 132, APK)                         

 Soweto Campus:  (011) 559-5507; (011) 559-5508 (rooms 109 & 111, SWC)

 or contact us via e-mail:financialaid@uj.ac.za


Eduloan is a provider of study loans. Since 1996 over 530 00 students have been financed to the value of R2.2 billion.  Once a loan from Eduloan has been approved, the educational institution is paid directly. No deposit is required and monthly instalments are fixed for the duration of the loan. Loan terms are from 6 to 22 months. Contact Eduloan on 0860 55 55 44 or apply online at www.myeduloan.co.za


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