Graduation FAQ's
Graduation FAQ's


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When are graduation ceremonies conducted each year?
I have not heard anything about my graduation ceremony. What is happening?
What are the date and time of my graduation ceremony?
When will I receive my graduation invitation letter?
What colour is the academic attire?
How much does the academic attire cost?
What should I wear under my academic attire?
How can I obtain additional guest tickets for the ceremony?
Can my guests take photographs during the ceremony?
Can my guests videotape my ceremony?
Can I purchase a video recording of the ceremony?
How do I order my graduation photographs?
I have not yet received my graduation photographs. Who can I talk to?
Are academic curricula (majors) shown on degree certificates?
When will I receive my degree certificates if I do not attend the ceremony?
I graduated recently and have not yet received my degree certificate. What do I need to do?
I am not attending the ceremony. Can my friend/parent collect my certificate on my behalf?
I require a replacement degree certificate. How do I arrange a replacement?
I require my degree certificate prior to the ceremony? What do I do?
What is the Alumni Association?
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