Research Centres and Chairs

 Research Centres and Chairs

Research has been identified as a key differentiator and priority at the UJ. In line with this, the university has 21 Research Centres across the faculties whose purpose is to provide base-line support to a limited number of organised research activities.

Each faculty maintains a dedicated research web portal to highlight their specific research initiatives, where links to their Research Centre home pages can be found. 

Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture

1. Centre for Visual Identities in Art and Design


Faculty of Education

2. Centre for Education Practice Research

3. Centre for Education Rights and Transformation



Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment

4. Industrial Electronics Technology Research Group

5. Telecommunications Research Group

6. Stream Processing Research

7. Minerals Processing and Technology Research Group

8. Photonics Research Group


Faculty of Humanities

9. Centre for Anthropological Research

10. Centre for Social Development in Africa

11. Centre for the Study of Democracy

12. South African Research Chair in Social Change

13. South African Research Chair in African Diplomacy and Foreign Policy


Faculty of Health Sciences

14. Laser Research Centre

15. Water and Health Research Unit


Faculty of Law

16. South African Institute for Advanced Constitutional, Public and Human Rights


Faculty of Management

17. Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies


Faculty of Science

18. Centre for Catalysis Research

19. Paleoproterozoic Mineralisation Research Group

20. Sustainable Energy Technology Testing and Research Centre

21. Centre for Aquatic Research

22. Centre for Nanomaterials Science Research

23. Centre for Plant DNA-barcoding​

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