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Open lecture | "People – employee development, retention, empowerment and recruitment"

Gideon is Head of Citizenship, Barclays Africa. Gideon has his Masters: Development Finance from the University of Stellenbosch (USB) & Hons. B. Comm, also from the USB amongst other qualifications. Gideon has over 15 years banking experience in a variety of roles including Credit Risk and Sustainability matters.

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​Public Lecture | “I’d rather deal with your front end – not your backend”​

Knowledge management should be a seamless aspect of an interaction with a customer. Organisations probably have all the data they need to drive an excellent customer interaction that results in a repeated positive experience.​

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Tlali Masakala off to London

​AUCKLAND PARK – University of Johannesburg’s School of Tourism and Hospitality in the Faculty of Management boasts a bright star of a up and coming chef who’s off to London. Meet Tlali Masakala. Northcliff and Melville Times

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Prof Geoff Goldman​

Prof Geoff Goldman, Department of Business Management,  was promoted from Senior Lecturer to Associate Professor.  He holds a BCom, BA Hons and MA (Communication Science), a MCom (Business Management) and a DPhil (Leadership & Change) from UJ.  Geoff’s portfolio is supported by an excellent UJ Teaching & Learning Committee rating (7/10), 12 accredited proceedings and 12 accredited articles, thereby contributing 11.12 credits over the last five years and a Google Scholar h-index of 4.

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Recipient of the distinguished Global Leadership Award

​Recipient of the distinguished Global Leadership Award

The Pan-Pacific Business Association has bestowed its highest award, The Distinguished Global Leadership Award, to Prof Gert Roodt at the recent 31st Annual Pan-Pacific Conference in Sakai City, Osaka, Japan. 

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Prof Mornay Roberts-Lombard is the new Associate Editor (Africa) of the International Journal of Business And Emerging Markets.

​​Prof Mornay Roberts-Lombard: Associate Editor (Africa) of the Interna​tional Journal of Business and Emerging Markets (Ijbem)

The journal focuses on business development in emerging markets notably through co-creation between local firms and multinationals.   The publisher is Inderscience, UK. 

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​Professorial inaugural address: Prof Kwandiwe Kondlo

Kwandiwe Kondlo, Professor of Human Resource Management delivered his inaugural address last Wednesday, titled Presidential Leadership in South Africa and the imperatives of ethical duty – tracking the dialectic of ethical and the political, from Mandela to Zuma.

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Industrial Psychology Oath Commitment Ceremony​

The Hippocratic Oath that medical practitioners endorse when they enter the medical profession is well-known as a ‘credo’ that requires practitioners to exhibit the highest levels of dedication and  integrity.

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Mandela Rhodes foundation scholarship

Irvine Manyukisa, BCom Honours (Strategic Management), Faculty of Management, is the UJ 2014 recipient of the prestigious Mandela Rhodes Foundation Scholarship.

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