Doctor of Laws

 Doctor of Laws

Doctor of Laws - LLD (NQF level 10)

Purpose of the qualification

The purpose of this qualification is to let students demonstrate an ability to make an own, distinctive and novel contribution to the corpus of knowledge on a particular subject of legal study.

Rules of access

i.  The minimum entry requirement is an LLM degree (or equivalent qualification) at NQF level 9. Candidates for admission to doctoral degrees in general need to have obtained their previous degree with an average mark of at least 65%.

ii.  The Board of the Faculty may require students to submit to an oral examination on set study material to demonstrate their competence for doctoral research before they are admitted to the qualification.

iii.  The relevant Head of Department may permit an applicant to register as a student for purposes of receiving guidance with, and use the facilities of the University for, the preparation of a research proposal. This does not create an expectation that the student will be admitted to doctoral studies and such registration is provisional pending the approval of the admission of the student by the Board of the Faculty of Law. The Board of the Faculty of Law approves the admission of the student and recommends to the Senate Higher Degrees Committee of the University the title of the thesis and the supervisor(s)  on the basis of

-  academic merit of the student;
-  prior qualifications obtained by the student;
-  the merit of the research proposal submitted to the Board; and
-  the availability and competence of a member of faculty to promote the study.


The curriculum comprises a thesis, being an original contribution to the knowledge of and insight into the subject. To obtain the qualification, the thesis must be accepted after assessment by at least 3 (external) examiners.


i.  The minimum period of study for the LLD degree is two years and the maximum period of study is four years. Extension of this period will only be entertained in exceptional circumstances and will be dealt with in accordance with the Higher Degrees and Postgraduate Studies Policy.

ii.  The LLD degree is offered in the following specialisation fields:

Administrative Law
Civil Procedural Law
Constitutional Law
Criminal Law
Criminal Procedural Law
Human Rights
Indigenous Law
International Law
Interpretation of Statutes
Law of Evidence
Mercantile Law
Private International Law
Private Law
Roman Law
Social Security Law


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Bursaries are available. Students who register for Doctoral degrees for the first time as from 2013 and complete their degrees within three years, can apply to be reimbursed for their full tuition fees.* This offer excludes all other costs, (i.e. registration fees, ICT levy, residence costs, etc.) and is not valid for students who receive third party sponsorship toward their tuition fees.


* Terms and conditions apply.



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