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You are cordially invited to attend the UJ Sociology, Anthropology & Development Studies Wednesday Seminar. The weekly seminar has been hosted by the Department of Sociology since 2000. It is supported by the UJ Faculty of Humanities and the UJ Department of Anthropology & Development Studies. Meetings are held on UJ's Auckland Park Kingsway campus, at 15h30 on every Wednesday afternoon during term time, unless otherwise indicated.

Please find the current programme below. A written paper is usually distributed on this website, to allow participants to read this in advance of the seminar. Confirmed presenters' appers should reach us in electronic format by two weeks prior to presentation. Papers should be sent both to the convenor and to e-mail address

Guests are asked to arrive at the venue by 15:25. Those coming from outside the UJ are advised to enter the campus through Gate 2 on the corner of Ditton and Ripley Streets and to park in Car Park B (scroll down for map). It may be helpful to show an invitation to the guard on duty. 

All prospective presenters are invited to contact Dr Tapiwa Chagonda at

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The Convenors: Wednesday Seminar

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First term 2015: Repertoires of Violence

4 Feb: Prof Ashwin Desai (UJ Dept of Sociology): 'An Aerotropolis Lands in Durban: Exploring the "Satanic Geographies" of Fast Capitalism'. Discussant: Prof Patrick Bond (Centre for Civil Society, University of Kwa-Zulu-Natal).

11 Feb: Dr Suzanne Graham (UJ Dept of Politics): 'World of the Wars: Reflections on International Conflict​'. Discussant: Dr i Hlatswayo (UJ Centre for Education Rights and Transformation).

18 Feb: Gareth Newham (Institute for Security Studies): 'What Can Be Done to Improve Policing and Reduce Crime in South Africa?​'. (Background piece here​.) Discussant: Prof Anton Senekal (UJ Dept of Sociology).

25 Feb: Dr Anna Hedlund (UJ / SARCHI Chair in Social Change): ' "We're Just Simple Soldiers": Victim and Perpetrator Identities among Hutu Rebels in the Eastern Congo’. Discussant: Dr Fritz Nganje (UJ / SARCHI Chair in African Diplomacy and Foreign Policy).

4 March: Prof Liz Gunner (UJ C-FAR / Centre for Anthropological Research): 'Violence, the Occult, and the Everyday: A Radio Zulu Drama of the 1980s'. Discussant: Prof Brenda Mhlambi (Wits Dept of African Languages).

11 March: Prof Brian Raftopoulos (Centre for Humanities Research, University of the Western Cape): ‘State Violence in Zimbabwe’. Discussant: Prof David Moore (UJ Department of Anthropology & Development Studies).

18 March: Term-end film screening. Discussant: Claire Ceruti (SARCHI Chair in Social Change).

Background and archive

The UJ Sociology, Anthropology & Development Studies Wednesday Seminar is hosted by the UJ Department of Sociology, which has hosted a seminar since 1995, began meeting more regularly in 1999 and successfully launched the weekly seminar in 2000. By means of this seminar, the Department of Sociology has contributed vibrant and transformative intellectual debate linking both established and upcoming UJ human and social scientists with activists, trade unionists, scholars from other institutions, and members of the media. Alongside regular participation from within our own ranks, guests hosted by the department over the years include Proff Thabo Fako, Shula Marks and John Saul (2000), Proff William Beinart, Michael Burawoy, Dunbar Moodie and Rusty and Hilda Bernstein (2001), Proff Denis Brutus and Joanne Duffy (2002), Prof Iris Marion Young, Sasha Gear and Trevor Ngwane (2003), Proff Giovanni Arrighi, Fred Hendricks, Jonathan Jansen, and Gay Seidman (2004), Proff Simon Bekker, Bert Klandermans, Tom Lodge and Elinor Sisulu (2005), Dr Loraine Nencel and Proff John Higgins, Partha Mukherji, and Immanuel Wallerstein (2006), Proff Susan Parnell, Liz Stanley, Thomas Blom Hansen and Rehad Desai (2007) and Proff Jo Beall, Min-Chang Tsai and Michael Burawoy (2008).

From 2001 to 2006, the department promoted its in-house Centre for Sociological Research (CSR) as a co-host of the seminar. The seminar has enjoyed financial support from the UJ Faculty of Humanities and a venue and general support from the Department of Anthropology & Development Studies. The UJ Department of Sociology continues to anchor the Wednesday Seminar, the longest running and most regular of the University of Johannesburg's public lectures and seminars.

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